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If your child is a struggling reader or speller, you’ve probably tried just about everything. You’ve talked to teachers, counselors, and school administrators. You’ve talked to other parents. You’ve spent hours online looking for help.

Here at Lexercise we work directly with families and understand the frustration they encounter in seeking the answers and the care they need for their children. As successful as our Structured Literacy Curriculum is when used in our Basic Therapy program, we recognized that some students need to work directly with a therapist in a more in-depth and customized fashion so we created our Professional Therapy program.

In Lexercise Professional Therapy the principles and practices of structured literacy are applied in a program customized and guided by a Lexercise therapist.  Lexercise Professional Therapy comes with a guarantee that your child will improve one grade level in reading after 8 weeks of Lexercise teletherapy. If your child does not make a grade-level of improvement, Lexercise will give you an additional four weeks of teletherapy for free. You can see the details of our guarantee here.

This kind of significant improvement during the first 8 weeks establishes momentum and lays the foundation for the following months that may be needed to bring the student’s reading and spelling to grade level or above. 


Winfographic showing the number of students that succeed in 8 weeks with our dyslexia programhat Statistics Back Up Our Claim?

We make this guarantee because we know that when we do our part and the parent and student do their parts, it is very likely to be successful. Of the last 942 Professional Therapy clients who complied with the terms set out in our guarantee, 97.1%  made at least a grade-level reading improvement in eight weeks. (Actually, the average came out to 1.4 grade levels of reading improvement!


Here’s How Lexercise Professional Therapy Works:

  • Once a week, for eight consecutive weeks, your child will engage in a 45-minute one-on-one lesson conducted live via webcam with your Lexercise therapist. You must attend and participate in your child’s eight therapy sessions.
  • Four times a week, in between sessions, your child spends about 15 minutes a day completing customized online games, videos, and other activities to reinforce the weekly lessons.
  • Your Lexercise therapist will establish a baseline reading level in your first session, measure your child’s progress after the eighth session, and guide and support you every step of the way.
  • That’s all that’s required to help your child become the secure, confident student you know they can be.

Our research shows that structured literacy + an expert therapist + customized practice = a more capable, and confident student!

What’s Should I do Next?

We look forward to showing you what Lexercise Professional Therapy can do!

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