Mississippi Dyslexia Screener

Lexercise provides teachers and school administrators with this free online screening tool, built specifically to comply with Mississippi Code § ‍37-173-15.

Online Dyslexia Screener for Teachers and Administrators

A state law in Mississippi requires dyslexia screening at all elementary schools for kindergarten and first grade students. Lexercise provides teachers and school administrators with this free online screening tool, built specifically to comply with Mississippi Code § ‍37-173-15.


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    Teachers and school administrators get access to unlimited dyslexia testing for students

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*You will be prompted to create a teacher account. Teacher accounts are intended for use by students and their teacher(s) and for general information purposes only. If you are a parent, please head over to our free screening tests for guardians.

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Customer Testimonials

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Dyslexia Screener Demo

Wondering how the Mississippi Dyslexia Screener works? Watch a video where Tori Whaley, M. Ed. joined us to discuss the screener and to demonstrate its easy administration.

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Your Lexercise Screener results

Based on the results provided by the Lexercise Dyslexia Screener

The Lexercise Dyslexia Screener combines two separate assessments to pinpoint a child’s ability to read words. One of them is the Z-Screener and the others is the San Diego Quick Assessment (SDQA).

Z-Screener Score

The Lexercise Z-Screener uses mostly one-syllable nonsense words that all have “short” vowel sounds. The focus is on decoding the vowel and the following consonant or consonants. To learn more about the Z-Screener, click here.

Minimum Expected Accuracy

Child's Decoding Accuracy

score is accuracy. The minimum expected accuracy for students in this age group is

San Diego Quick Assessment Score

The SDQA is a list of words categorized by grade level that is used to determine reading level and detect errors in word analysis, indicating how well the child is reading words at each grade level. For more information head over to our guide of the San Diego Quick Assesment.

Grade Level

Child's Reading Level

is reading words at the grade level. A child in the grade should have very little trouble reading grade words and below.

Discuss Your Child's Scores and Symptoms with a Top Therapist.

Elizabeth McGaughran, M.Ed., CALT, C-SLDS

Lightworks Learning Center

Elena Girling, M.Ed., SLDI

Developing Readers

Elyse Loudenbarger, M.Ed.

The Umbrella Classroom

Jen Parra, M.Ed, CALT, SLDS

Multisensory Reading Center

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Why Do Families Love Lexercise?

Lauren Furman, parent

Student’s age: 13 | Professional Therapy

“I am a Speech-Language Pathologist…I know the importance of providing the right remediation. With Lexercise, for the first time, we were able to address our son’s specific reading needs and as a result his reading skills have greatly improved.  Even more important to us though, his self-confidence and self-esteem have improved.”

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Michele Castle, parent

Student’s age: 10 | Professional Therapy

“My kids just took the entrance exams to get into a private school and passed on grade level! This is a real accomplishment! The kids really liked working with their teacher and played their games with no arguments every single day, even on holidays, without complaint. I’m grateful for the therapy and believe it was entirely worth the investment of time and money.”

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Rebekah Van Der Hengst

Professional Therapy

“We have experienced great success, her reading has drastically improved…I’ve seen her improve rapidly compared to any other method I’ve tried…She is now reading for fun!”


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