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Concerned your child may have a learning disability? You’re not alone. Approximately 20% of people are affected by dyslexia, according to the International Dyslexia Association. Additionally, almost 80% of kids who are categorized with learning disabilities in the United States fall somewhere on the dyslexia spectrum. To help parents identify if their children are at risk for a learning disability, we provide free online testing for dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

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Learning Disability Test

In 5 minutes this online questionnaire will identify the possible cause of your child's learning difficulties. Your child does not need to be present to complete this questionnaire.

After completion, we will identify if any learning disabilities are probable or merit further testing.

Test Your Child for a Learning Disability Test

Free Dyslexia Test

Over 100,000 parents have administered our research-based dyslexia test to their children.

In 5-10 minutes, the online screener will identify if dyslexia is a likely cause of your child's difficulties reading, writing, or spelling.

Learn more about our online dyslexia test here.

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