Lexercise Basic Therapy For Homeschooling Families:
Online Dyslexia Reading Program

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Looking to Help Your Struggling Reader, Writer, or Speller?

Lexercise is an individualized literacy program that provides you and your child with lessons, games, and activities based on the latest research in reading science and the Orton-Gillingham approach. Guided by our comprehensive structured literacy curriculum, your child will soon be reading and spelling with confidence.

Get all the information about our Basic Therapy subscription program below, including how to save 35% off every month your child stays on the program (that’s less than $25 per weekly session!) by using code HEDUA at checkout.

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You Don’t Have to Do This Alone!

With over 40 years of experience, we have helped tens of thousands of parents identify and treat dyslexia and other learning disorders. We built our Basic Therapy program to make it easy and affordable for all families to provide solutions for their struggling readers, right at home.

Once a week, follow along with a guided lesson narrated by expert therapist and veteran homeschool mom, Sandie Barrie Blackley. Lock in these new concepts through daily independent practice games tied to the lesson. Advance to the next lesson once your child has mastered their new skills.

Get the support you’ve been seeking to help your child to succeed. Using the Basic Therapy lessons, your child’s practice, the parent resources, and the ongoing support of your Lexercise therapist, you can be confident that you are giving your child instruction that is science-backed and that works!

What Parents & Kids Get by Signing Up for our Online Dyslexia Therapy:

  • Personalized Parent Portal
    A parent portal that guides you through weekly lessons, tracks your child’s progress, and gives you direct access to your assigned therapist who is ready to answer any questions you may have
  • Interactive Lessons
    A guided lesson narrated by our co-founder and expert therapist Sandie Barrie Blackley
  • Educational Games
    Access to our suite of educational games, for daily, independent practice
  • Parent Resources
    Built-in parent resources and activities you can access to support your child
  • Go At Your Own Pace
    Flexibility to work through lessons on your own schedule

How Basic Therapy Works for Homeschooling Families:

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All of this and more for just $97.50 per month - that’s less than $25 per weekly lesson!

Lexercise Basic Therapy normally costs $150 per month, but if you sign up today with code HEDUA, you get 35% OFF for the duration of the program. Get dyslexia help for less than $25 per week!

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Ready to Help Your Struggling Reader?


Homeschooling with Dyslexia? Our Personalized Program Works!

Children who complete the Lexercise program improve 3-grade levels on average! We are very confident that your child will succeed with our program! You can try Basic Therapy at no risk because of our 14-day money-back guarantee.*

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Jennifer Zamchiya

Homeschool Mom

“My child has made great progress. He’s gone from stumbling through a simple sentence to reading by himself at bedtime and reading Scripture in front of the congregation at church. So grateful for this online program”

Join Jennifer, and thousands of other parents who trust the Lexercise Basic Therapy program for dyslexia treatment.

*If you are not happy with Lexercise Basic Therapy, just call us within 14 days of your initial purchase of Basic Therapy and tell us what you didn’t like about it, and we’ll refund your money.

How We Offer Dyslexia Help

The Structured Literacy Approach

Structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham) is the gold standard for dyslexia treatment and has been scientifically-backed by more than three decades of research from the National Institutes of Health. Not only is structured literacy the only effective method to help struggling readers and writers, but overall, it is also the best way to teach the foundations of literacy to all students.

Educational Games

Overcoming dyslexia and other literacy challenges requires brain training to build new connections between sounds and letters. It takes repetition and hard work to automate your child’s new skills. With our Basic Therapy program, you will have access to fun and engaging games that focus exactly on what your child needs, and can be completed independently on any laptop or tablet.

Want to Try Out our Dyslexia Games?

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Woman helping young child with online dyslexia therapy reading program on laptop at table

Individualized Dyslexia Therapy at Your Fingertips!

You’ve probably tried many other programs that did not work. Don’t waste any more time with simple phonics and spelling workbooks. Let our science-backed curriculum and games along with the support of your dedicated therapist teach your child to read, write, and spell in the way their unique mind can learn it.

Our goal is to help your child become a confident reader, writer, and speller so that they can achieve academic success and develop a love of learning. Join the hundreds of homeschool families who have found success with Lexercise’s online dyslexia program. To take advantage of this special 35% off coupon, use code HEDUA at checkout.

Our Professional Therapists Are Here to Help Homeschooling Families!

If you feel like you need a bit more support this time around, our certified, professional therapists are here to help. Our Professional Therapy program offers all the benefits of Basic Therapy plus a weekly, live, online lesson with one of our expert, structured literacy therapists.

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