Professional Education in the Science of Reading

The Lexercise IDA Accredited PLUS Program is the most convenient, affordable, and effective professional development available.

  • Learn structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham) from industry leaders.
  • Complete your education at your own pace and from anywhere.
  • Become a dyslexia expert and help students all over the English-speaking world.
  • Courses can be used for ASHA CEU credit.
  • Our courses are for anyone who is looking to become an expert in structured literacy. After completing our courses, you can help struggling readers gain confidence and become proficient readers and spellers.

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"This program is well-organized, conveniently completed online, and was easy to fit into my busy life. The support from Lexercise is unbelievable."

-Annie Jackson, B.A., SLDS
Lexercise Professional Courses Student

We are proud to be accredited by IDA and in partnership with these expert organizations:

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Our Professional Courses: Learn the Structured Literacy Approach

Course 1: The Structure of Written English

30-Hour Online Course $350

This self-paced professional course is a detailed tour of the interwoven, micro-structure of the English language, from speech to print. Participants will learn concepts, terminology and how to apply them in linguistic analysis in five language domains: Phonetics and Phonology, Orthography, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics and Discourse.

Who is this course for?

All are welcome; parents, teachers, school administrators, and aspiring therapists! If you are interested in strengthening your knowledge of the science of reading, this course is for you. You do not need previous training to take this course.

Upon completion of this course you will:
  • Learn structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham) from industry leaders
  • Qualify to take Course 2: Multisensory Structured Literacy Intervention

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Save $100 when you register for both Course 1 & 2*

Course 2: Multisensory, Structured Literacy Intervention

45-Hour Online Course $350

This 45-hour self-paced course is designed as an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to apply a structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham) approach to intervention with students who have language processing weaknesses.

Participants will learn a variety of science-backed structured literacy principles and instructional routines and will have opportunities to practice their application.

Who is this course for?

Teachers, school administrators, speech-language pathologists, aspiring therapists, advocates, parents, and anyone who is looking to provide literacy intervention. Course 1 or its test out exam is a prerequisite to this course (See: Qualifications Exams).

Upon completion of this course you will:
  • Have the skills to use a structured literacy approach with struggling readers
  • Qualify to take our practicum (Course 3)
  • Be one step closer to helping struggling students become proficient readers and spellers

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Save $100 when you register for both Course 1 & 2*

Course 3: Practicum in Structured Literacy Therapy

100-Hour Online Course $2,990 $2,490

13-week, live, online clinical practicum for professionals providing online, clinical intervention to struggling readers of various ages.

Professionals will apply structured literacy techniques while learning best-practice teletherapy methods.

Under the mentorship of a CERI Certified Lexercise therapist, you will practice providing structured literacy intervention with struggling readers of different ages. The struggling readers served through this course are funded through the Natalie Wexler Scholarship, which has provided services for hundreds of students who otherwise would not have been able to afford therapy.

Who is this course for?

Educators, administrators, and professionals who are seeking to work as therapists or apply for CERI certification. Course 1 and 2 or their test out exams are prerequisites to this course.

Upon completion of this course you will be:
  • Eligible to take the CERI KPEERI Exam
  • Eligible to apply for CERI’s SLDS certification (Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist)
  • Earn the certificate of completion for the Lexercise IDA AccreditedPLUS course sequence
  • Qualified to work as a Lexercise Therapist


Complete Course 3 and we will fully reimburse your SLDS certification*, including CERI exam and 1st licensure fees, a $315 value!

*Must be achieved within 6 months of course completion.

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The CERI certification exam pass rate for Lexercise practicum graduates is 96% which is well above the pass rate for all individuals who have taken the exam.


UNC Greensboro trusts Lexercise to train their speech-language pathologists. Learn how Lexercise Course 1 is used to train master's students in speech-language pathology at UNC Greensboro here.

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Rebecca Griffith, M.Ed., SLDS

"After years of working as an ELL teacher and reading interventionist in public schools, I finally found a method that truly works to support developing readers. Lexercise’s one-one support when needed, coupled with course materials that reflect the cutting edge in the science of reading, were crucial to my current confidence, expertise and overall success as a Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist."

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Heather Doolittle, B.S., SLDS

"I was so excited when I found Lexercise Professional Education! It opened doors that led to my CERI Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist certification. The format removed logistical barriers. The Lexercise team was amazing to work with as I fit the classwork in between my other responsibilities. I highly recommend Lexercise."

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Sybil Myers, B.S., SLDS

"Having limited experience with Orton-Gillingham or Structured Literacy before taking the courses, I found the Lexercise courses to be comprehensive. The information was presented sequentially, from the research-backed basics to interpretation and application, so that I had the foundational knowledge and skills to learn as I progressed. The course support team is very friendly and knowledgeable!"

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Jaime Orozco, Ed.S., SLDS

"The extent of the Lexercise therapist training courses fully prepared me for the technical, practical, and research-based reasoning required to pass the CERI exam. Beyond exam preparation, the courses provided expert mentorship, immersion in teletherapy, and the skills and networking needed to launch a career. I highly recommend the Lexercise training program"

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Lydia Bullock, M.S.W., SLDS

"The Lexercise training courses prepared me to pass the CERI exam. The courses are top quality based on the latest research in the science of reading. The support from the Lexercise team is amazing. I am fortunate to be trained in Structured Literacy through Lexercise!"

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