Accessible Structured Literacy Intervention for Schools

Lexercise for SchoolsTM combines structured literacy principles, backed by decades of research, with online lessons, interactive games, meaningful practice, impactful data, professional learning, and much more.

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We developed Lexercise for SchoolsTM because we believe that every teacher and student should have access to an effective structured literacy program! Expensive and time-consuming teacher training is often not feasible for schools. We provide teachers with pre-recorded Orton-Gillingham lessons from the same powerful structured literacy curriculum used by our dyslexia therapists around the country.

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Results-Driven Lexercise for SchoolsTM

Our structured literacy program is trusted by hundreds of schools nationwide. We work with public, private, and charter schools, grades 1st through 12th, to help struggling students reach their full potential. This is what your school gets when you sign up for our structured literacy platform:

A Turnkey Platform

With Lexercise there is no need for lesson planning, grading assignments, or developing supporting activities. Everything is included. You get lessons, personalized games, progress tracking, and reporting! Simply sign up and start delivering Orton-Gillingham the next day.

Pre-Recorded and Scripted Lessons

No training? No problem! Our program can be used by anyone thanks to our fully-narrated lessons. Recorded by veteran speech-language pathologist and Lexercise founder, Sandie Barrie Blackley, CCC-SLP, will teach your students the 44 lessons and learn structured literacy along with them.

Literacy Expert Support

We partner every school with one of our qualified literacy specialists. Get professional guidance on curriculum questions, interpretation of student practice data, and more.

A Powerful and Engaging Program for Fast Results

Students enjoy our multimedia lessons and educational games. One of the benefits of our program is that students get immediate feedback as they do their game practice. Not only are the games engaging, but in just 15 minutes a day, they provide the amount of practice students need for automatic and fluent reading and spelling.

The Lexercise For SchoolsTM Curriculum meets ESSA Level 4 Criteria.

We want every school and every child to be successful. Our prices for the academic year start at $255 per seat.*

*10 seat minimum requirement

How Lexercise for SchoolsTM Works

Our platform makes teaching structured literacy simple and stress-free for both the students and the teacher! Simply follow along with the pre-recorded lessons, facilitate independent game practice, and when you feel your students have grasped the concepts, move to the next lesson!

Deliver the Group Lesson

Engage your students in an easy-to-follow multimedia lesson.

Facilitate Practice

Students make gains with only 4 days of independent practice per week.

Move to the Next Lesson

Advance to the next lesson once you are comfortable with your students’ mastery of the lesson concepts.

Review Data

Utilize the teacher dashboard to track your students’ progress as they go.

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Are you a parent or teacher who would like to bring Lexercise for SchoolsTM to YOUR school?

Print this one-pager and share it with your school administration. This document explains how our structured literacy platform can benefit struggling readers at your school.

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