Online Dyslexia Games

In just 15 minutes a day our educational games provide the type of practice needed for automatic and fluent reading and spelling. The games can be played on any device with internet access.

How Our Educational Games Work

Students using the Lexercise program get access to our online practice games to review and reinforce the concepts taught in their weekly lessons. We offer our customers the fastest remediation times in the market because our science-backed curriculum comes with online games that give students the practice they need to master the concepts they learn from our lessons. In only 15 minutes of play, our games give 60 response challenges, which is key to progress.

Students Love Our Practice Games!

The use of compelling visual elements in dyslexia practice games helps students stay interested when learning involves repetition. Curious about who creates these visually enticing games? Learn more about our lead artist in this blog post.

400+ practice opportunities customized for your child’s specific needs in 1 week of therapy

Keep kids excited about learning! Lexercise students are challenged to complete every lesson of the Lexercise Structured Literacy CurriculumTM and ascend the Lexercise training tower. Each floor of the tower holds new challenges that help students master the concepts they’ve learned during their weekly lessons in just 15 minutes per practice day.

97% of students who practice 15 minutes per day for 4 days, make at least a year of gains in the first 8 weeks of intervention

All Lexercise students have access to our educational games, so review our services to determine which type of therapy is the right fit for your family.

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