Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

It’s World Read Aloud Day and that seems like a great time to talk about the enormous benefits of reading aloud to children with dyslexia and other language-processing disorders.

Children with dyslexia have difficulty reading words. But, interestingly, they have no problem with listening comprehension.

Such children experience tremendous frustration with reading and miss much of the age- and grade-appropriate language and vocabulary that is typically learned through reading books. Having books read aloud to them is not only skill-enhancing and enjoyable but also helps them develop a lifelong appreciation for books.

Here’s a wonderful quote from Jim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook:

“We start with the brain. As lumber is the primary support for building a house, words are the primary structure for learning. And there are really only two efficient ways to get words into a person’s brain: either through the eye or through the ear. Since it’ll be years before the eye is used for reading, the best source for ideas and brain building in a young child becomes the ear. What we send into that ear becomes the ‘sound’ foundation for the rest of the child’s ‘brain house.’ Those meaningful sounds in the ear now will help the child make sense of the words coming in through the eye later when learning to read.”

Learning Ally is an educational audiobook library for students of all ages who cannot read standard print effectively because of a learning disability, visual impairment, or other physical disability. Some parents don’t read aloud to their children because they themselves are not strong readers. With a catalog that includes more than 61,000 titles, both literature and textbooks from K to college and beyond, Learning Ally makes it possible for individuals and families to enjoy all of the pleasures and benefits of reading aloud.

If you have any doubts about the benefits of reading aloud, listen to a few of RFB&D’s success stories.

Learning Ally offers FREE individual membership for eligible people with dyslexia who experience difficulty in reading printed material. PLUS, they have an Audio App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. So now reading aloud is educational, fun, and COOL!

parent and child reading aloudIn addition to language building and reading appreciation, reading aloud is a wonderful bonding opportunity for families – a time that can build closeness, improve communication and become a lifelong habit to share across the generations.

Why not take some time today, World Read Aloud Day, and every day, to read aloud with your child?

I welcome your comments and questions. To get answers to your questions about dyslexia or language-learning disorders or to learn more about Lexercise or reading aloud, call 1-919-747-4557 or e-mail info@lexercise.com.

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