Lexercise Basic Therapy

Lexercise is a literacy program that provides you and your child with lessons, games, and activities based on the latest research in reading science and the Orton-Gillingham approach. Guided by our comprehensive structured literacy curriculum, your child will soon be reading and spelling with confidence.

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Is Basic Therapy Right for Your Family?

With over 40 years of experience, we have helped tens of thousands of parents identify and treat dyslexia and other learning challenges. We built our Basic Therapy program to make it easy and affordable for all families to help their struggling readers, right from home.

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What Is Included in Your Basic Therapy Service

  •  Personalized Parent Portal

    A parent portal that guides you through weekly lessons, tracks your child’s progress, and gives you direct access to your assigned therapist who is ready to answer any questions you may have.

  •  Interactive Lessons

    Motivate your student using interactive, narrated lessons by our co-founder and expert therapist, who is also an American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Fellow, Sandie Barrie Blackley, CCC-SLP.

  •  Educational Games

    Empower your child’s mastery of lesson concepts using our extensive suite of literacy video games for daily, independent practice.

  •  Parent Resources

    Support your child using built-in parent resources and multisensory engaging activities.

  •  Individual Pacing

    Work through lessons on your schedule and at your child’s pace.

All of this and more for just $105 every 4 weeks – that’s less than $27 per weekly lesson!

Lexercise Basic Therapy normally costs $150 per month, but if you sign up today with code READER, you get 30% OFF for the duration of the program. Get dyslexia help for less than $27 per week!

Ready to Help Your Struggling Reader?

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Our Dyslexia Program Works!

Children who complete the Lexercise program improve 3 grade levels on average! We are so confident your child will succeed with our dyslexia program that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. Read reviews from parents of children, just like yours, who tried our Basic Therapy dyslexia program.

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“After reviewing several programs, it seemed like the best fit. I like that it has direct lessons but then several days of independent practice to review what was taught. My son has trouble focusing for long periods of time. The length of the daily practice works well for him. If the direct lesson is a long one, I can break it into two sessions to make it work for my son. The flexibility in the program is key for us.”

Marie D., Lexercise Parent

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“We had tried other programs that didn’t work, so we had nothing to lose. Lexercise and his therapist has made it possible for him to read successfully and confidently. We had tried other programs and this was the only one where we saw results. We don’t know where we would be with out Lexercise.”

Michael Nauta, Lexercise Parent

Join Marie, Michael, and thousands of other parents who trust the Lexercise Basic Therapy program for dyslexia treatment. If you are not happy with Lexercise Basic Therapy, just call us in your first 14 days of using it and tell us what you didn’t like about it, and we’ll refund your money. Read more about our money-back guarantee here.

How We Offer Dyslexia Help:

The Structured Literacy Approach

Structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham) is the gold standard for dyslexia treatment and is scientifically-backed by more than three decades of research from The National Institutes of Health. Not only is structured literacy the only effective method to help struggling readers and writers, but overall, it is also the best way to teach the foundations of literacy to all.

Educational Games

Overcoming dyslexia, and other literacy challenges requires brain training to build new connections between sounds and letters. It takes repetition and hard work to automate your child’s new skills. With our Basic Therapy program, you will have access to fun and engaging games that focus exactly on what your child needs, and can be completed independently on any laptop or tablet.

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Free Testing for Learning Disabilities

If you are not sure whether your child needs these services and would like to take a free, research-based online test for learning disabilities, head over to our testing page. Over 300,000 families have taken our dyslexia test with success!

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Language Literacy Evaluation

Get an online dyslexia evaluation from a professional. Have an expert diagnose if your student has a reading, writing, or spelling problem.

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Other Therapy Options

Learn more about our Professional Therapy program which includes all of what Basic Therapy has to offer plus weekly, live, online lessons with a certified structured literacy therapist.

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