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Lexercise Basic Therapy

An online program to improve reading, writing and spelling for children struggling with dyslexia or a learning disability

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Children who complete the Lexercise program
 improve 3 grade levels  on average!

Grade Levels

And we  guarantee  your child will improve one whole
grade level in 2 months, or your 3rd month is free!

How It Works

  • Lead your child through our self-paced online program
  • Follow recorded instructions by our founder
  • Get a great deal on Structured Literacy therapy
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Price: $150 per month

Sign up before the end of the month for
only $97 per month

Money-Back Guarantee + $10:
If you aren't happy for whatever reason,
call us within your first 14 days for a full refund and
we’ll throw in a $10 Amazon gift card for your trouble.*

Get Started Now   Lexercise Self-Guided Therapy is not supported on tablets * To get the gift card, customers must give the product a fair chance by completing a minimum of 2 lessons.
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Over 100,000 parents have trusted Lexercise to identify and treat dyslexia and other learning difficulties.
Lexercise was founded in 2008 and has administered tens of thousands of dyslexia tests and treatment sessions since then as the leading provider of online dyslexia therapy. Read what parents say about us in our testimonials section.