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Help children with dyslexia (including reading & spelling problems), specific language impairment, ADHD, dysgraphia, written language disorders and stress & emotional problems due to learning struggles. Our platform has everything you need to deliver effective online therapy--You get researched-backed curricula, assessments, session planning & progress monitoring tools, client activities & games, parent support materials and practice management support including billing. We save you time, money and worry so you can focus on what you do best: helping children!

"Thank you so much for providing this service for all of us. It is such a blessing to us as therapists, the students and parents."
-Jen, Lexercise Therapist

Advantages of Lexercise

Reach More Clients

Reach More Clients

Hundreds of thousands of parents visit our website every year seeking help for their children, and we connect these families with qualified experts like you. We provide you with sales and marketing support, so you can grow your practice and serve clients no matter where they live.

Reduce Admin & Planning Time

Reduce Admin & Planning Time

We understand how much of your day can be occupied by tasks other than working with students. So we've developed content and technology to manage billing for you, track client progress, streamline parent communication and reduce the time needed for session planning. All this allows you to serve more clients with less time and effort.

Live Anywhere & Have a Flexible Schedule

Live Anywhere & Have a Flexible Schedule

Work from wherever you'd like on a schedule that best fits your life. And say good-bye to your commute!

If you'll move to Hawaii, we'll pay for your airfare.


Deliver Better Client Results

Our model of individualized instruction combined with games and activities for daily practice achieves remarkable client outcomes. We empower you to deliver life-changing results to the families you serve.

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