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Lexercise teletherapy partners are clinical educators who are experts in structured literacy (a.k.a. Orton-Gillingham) therapy. We require all of our therapists to pass a rigorous qualification exam and provide documentation of their education and experience. Our therapists work all over the world so there is rarely a problem to find someone who fits your schedule.

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Tana Landis, M.Ed., CALP

Anchor Literacy

Close Education: B.A. Biology, Eastern Mennonite University
M.Ed. Eastern College

Experience: 6 years

Description: Walking with my own children to find help for their literacy struggles continues to be my most rigorous training. I am deeply motivated to help others overcome their reading and writing difficulties.

Testimonial: "It's not only your effort and commitment that we so much appreciate but also how generous you are with your time in helping [name redacted] to achieve. What you do is no small undertaking and we cannot thank you enough."

Linda Dietrich, CALT, LDT

Blue Ribbon Learning Center

Close Education: B.A. from University of Texas at Dallas

Experience in Years: 17 years

Description: I have facilitated classes for Neuhaus Education Center in the teaching of Basic Language Skills (an OG program) and have had been running my private practice for over 10 years.

Testimonial: “You have made such a difference in our son’s ability to read, write, and learn. We are so very thankful for your instruction and passion regarding teaching our son.”

Anne Clay Cernyar, B.S., M.Ed.

Bright Hope Educational Support Services

Close Education: M.Ed. Exceptional Student Education; B.S. Communications; Graduate Certificates in Dyslexia, AET and NILD educational therapy; Lindamood Bell and Orton Gillingham training

Experience: 15 years

Description:  I am a determined mom of talented teens with language related learning differences My efforts to help my own children led me into educational therapy. I love using my knowledge and experience to come alongside families tackling similar challenges.

Testimonial: "Not only did Anne make progress where no other tutor had been able to, her kindness, gentleness, and overwhelming level of caring for my son literally changed his life and his perspective on learning."

Marie Havens, B.S., GradCertEd

Bright Hope Educational Support Services

Close Education: Graduate Certificate in Educational Therapy, University of California-Riverside; BS Physical Therapy, Ohio State University; In Progress- M.Ed. in Exceptional Student Education/NILD Educational Therapy, Southeastern University

Experience: 3 years

Description: For 20 years, I homeschooled my bright and creative children with dyslexia and related learning challenges. I want to help other children become confident readers and learners, so 3 years ago, I began the journey that led me to Lexercise!

Testimonial: “Thank you so much for the all the time and effort you have given [my son]. I have seen such huge strides forward in his writing and reading abilities. He will reap the benefits of your help for his entire lifetime!”


Beth Chaput, M.S., CDP

Building Pathways

Close Education: B.S. Business Management, Lesley University; M.S., CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathology, Worcester State University

Experience: 9 years

Description: Even with my speech and language training, the Orton-Gillingham program I took provided the missing literacy piece. Lexercise provides an amazing platform to support and enhance literacy!

Testimonial: "His reading scores jumped two grade levels! He thoroughly enjoyed his time with you. You have shared goals, successes and hurdles while developing plans to overcome them. You are top notch!"

Mindi Johanneman, B.A., CDP

Building Pathways


Education:  B.A. Early Childhood Education

Experience: 12 Years

Description: I struggled with reading as a child until a literacy expert taught me the skills I needed to have a "reading-ready brain"! I have been certified by the International Dyslexia Association and am pursuing my Master's in Reading Science to provide multisensory instruction and help students become fluent readers.

Testimonial: “We can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful help and support you gave my son. He loves reading because of the instruction you gave him.”

Dawn Korra, M.S.

Building Pathways

Close Education: B.S. Special Education Ball State University;
M.S. Learning Disabilities I.U.P.U.I.

Experience: 32 years

Description: I have worked in the public schools as a special education teacher. I plan to continue helping people discover the love of reading to help them find the freedom that comes from reading!

Testimonial: "Dawn helped my daughter 'figure out' reading. She demonstrated patience and understanding each time they worked together. I would highly recommend Dawn."

Jeannie Morehead, M.S., CALT

Building Pathways

Close Education: B.S. Early Childhood/Elementary Education, Arkansas State
University, M.S. Reading, Arkansas State University

Experience: 32 years

Description: My entire career has been dedicated to students who have difficulties
with reading. I enjoy helping my students unlock their potential and open
doors to their successful future.

Testimonial: "Mrs. Morehead, I hope you know, you are loved! Thank you for

Pam Weldon, B.A., M.Ed, CLT

Building Pathways

Close Education: B.A. Child Development, California State University;
M.Ed. Reading, College of New Rochelle;
Certified Dyslexia Advocate, Dyslexia Training Institute, San Diego, CA

Experience: 25 years

Description: I believe passionately in the power of structured literacy interventions when addressing the customized needs of students with significant reading, writing, and spelling deficits.

Testimonial: "With an engaging personal style, you have left [name redacted], not only with skills above the norm, but also with a love for reading that will stand him in good stead for a long time, perhaps the rest of his life."

Clare Corcoran, MA-TESOL

Clare Corcoran

Close Education: BFA from Georgetown University
MA-TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) San Francisco State University

Experience in Years: 15 years

Description: I’ve tutored reading and pronunciation since 2007, after being an art-teacher and editor. My quest for an evidence-supported, affordable way to deliver intensive therapy led me to become a Certified Lexercise Teletherapy Clinician.

Testimonial: “My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. We started with Clare and her reading started improving right away. When she was able to read a Bob Book for the first time, the pride & confidence she exuded was priceless!”

Alix Matteson, M.Ed, CALT, LDT

Desert Scholar Reading Enrichment

Close Education: B.S. Education University of Arkansas; M.Ed. Reading Education,
University of Arkansas

Experience: 20 years

Description: Helping children learn to read is an incredible and rewarding job.
Structured literacy is the key to reading success!

Testimonial: "Alix has been a life-saver for my son. He has gained so much confidence
in himself as a person and as a reader. Alix is wonderful with children and
passionate about her work."

Leahann McLaughlin, M.Ed.

Desert Scholar Reading Enrichment

Close Education: B.A. Journalism, University of Arizona; M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Plymouth State University

Experience: 5 years

Description: Working as an elementary school teacher, I was surprised how common reading struggles and dyslexia are. I felt inspired to help students being negatively impacted by these struggles, so I became literacy therapist.

Testimonial: "Leahann literally helped 'unlock' my child's ability to read! He progressed four grade levels in one year of Lexercise! She was always professional, accommodating, and kind. Highly recommend!"

Joy Diamond, PhD

Diamond Language and Literacy Intervention

Close Education: PhD in speech and language pathology (literacy concentration) from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Experience: 20 years

Description: I love teaching struggling readers and writers! I have used Orton-Gillingham based structured literacy practices for 20 years and am so excited to help more students through Lexercise.

Testimonial: “Joy has helped my son not only to gain ground in reading proficiency, but also to enjoy reading by increasing his self-efficacy and self-confidence.”

Jennifer Appleton, M.Ed., LDT, CALT

Dyslexia Source

Close Education: B.S. Elementary Education, Towson University;
M.Ed. Reading Specialist, Loyola University

Experience: 24 years

Description: I feel so privileged to have the experience and perspective of being the mother of a child with dyslexia, a classroom teacher, a reading specialist, a supervisor, and a therapist.

Testimonial: "We found Jennifer when we were at a loss as to how to help our son read. Her knowledge, skill, and dedication turned our profoundly dyslexic son into a reader!"

Mandy Bolgiano, M.S., CALT

Dyslexia Therapy Partners

Close Education: B.A. Environmental Science, Wesleyan University;
M.S. Agronomy, University of Maryland

Experience: 4 years

Description: Launching my children after two decades of homeschooling, I returned to school, became a CALT, and now feel blessed, daily, that I have been given the tools to effect such positive change in lives.

Testimonial: "In six months, [name redacted] has gone from barely being able to sound out simple one-syllable words to reading at grade level. His self-esteem has soared as the world of words has opened up to him."

Laura Barr Sargent, M.Ed.

Hop On Reading

Close Education: B.A. Education, University of Montana M.A. Education, Harvard University

Experience: 13 years

Description:  I am happy with Lexercise platform. It ensures success, fosters confidence. I have no students where we breathe the same air, all clients are Lexercise. I am trained in Structured Literacy (Orton-Gillingham) and RAVE-O Curriculum -Tufts University

Testimonials: “[My daughter] originally decoded 31% in December, she decoded 94% yesterday. We both cried! Thank you for all you’ve done for her. I can never tell you what it's meant for her and for us. 😊”

Elles Taddeo, Ed.D., BCET

Learn-2-Learn Educational Therapy

Close Education: B.A. Psychology, York University
M.Ed. Counseling Psychology, University of Toronto
Ed.S. Curriculum and Instruction, Argosy University
Ed.D. Instructional Leadership, Argosy University

Experience: 15 years

Description: Children with reading problems often have low self-esteem. Boosting self-esteem while improving their reading with the Orton-Gillingham method gets them to be confident readers. What a joy to watch!

Testimonial: "Elles is wonderful. She appreciates our son for who he is. As much of a struggle as it's been at times, we have made great strides. I credit Elles for this. She is a great support to him and us."

Laura Noe, M.A.

Learning Boost Educational Services

Close Education: B.A. Education, Western Kentucky University
M.A. University of Louisville

Experience: 25 years

Description: Teaching students to read has always been my passion. I love seeing the “light bulb moment” when a student starts to truly break the code of English and believe they CAN learn to read.

Testimonial: "Since our son started working with Laura in May 2015, we and his teachers have seen huge improvements in his reading and confidence. We are very happy we started Lexercise with him!"

Victoria (Tori) Whaley, M.Ed.

Learning Boost Educational Services

Close Education: B.A. in Spanish, University of New Hampshire, M.Ed. in Special Education, Vanderbilt University

Experience: 13 years

Description: Since I was first trained on structured literacy as a first-year teacher, I have had a passion for literacy instruction and remediation. Seeing children succeed at reading is a joy to me!

Testimonial: “The icing on the cake for me happened when I asked him how his reading and spelling testing went and he said, 'It went pretty well. Tory has helped me a lot.' He went on to tell me in his own words how her methodology had translated into success in a concrete way."

Elizabeth McGaughran, M.Ed., LDT, CALT

Lightworks Learning Center

Close Education: B.S. History and Elementary Education The College of William and Mary, M.Ed. Reading Specialist University of Texas, Tyler

Experience:  13 years

Description: I enjoy helping students discover their strengths and develop to their potential. I deliver specific, targeted instruction to meet student's individual needs in a stress-free, engaging atmosphere.

Testimonial: "I cannot say enough for Mrs. McGaughran who has given her the tools she needs to succeed, encouraged her to try and always do her best, taken the time to understand what she needs individually."

Susan Mayes, B.S., M.A., CALT

Mayes Literacy Therapy

Close Education: B.S. Science Education and M.A. Education Louisiana Tech University

Experience: 30 years

Description: I have taught elementary to college-aged students in subjects from biology to English with the last 14 years focused on teaching dyslexics. I have used tele-therapy for over 5 years and love it!

Testimonial: "Reading was difficult for years, but word decoding improved my vocabulary and gives me confidence to speak and share my thoughts."

Jessica Badgett, M.Ed., CALT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a certificate in Special Education from Texas A&M University, M.Ed. with a certificate in Learning Therapy from Southern Methodist University

Experience: 13 years

Description: Shortly after becoming a special education teacher, I decided to learn more about dyslexia and became a certified academic language therapist (CALT). I've been teaching for a total of 13 years now.

Testimonial: "Jessica has been an asset to our son's reading remediation. Her knowledge and skills have been so valuable, and her patient spirit is just what our son needs."

Susie Barlowe, B.A., CALT, LDT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: B.A. in Communication Disorders from University of Redlands, CA

Experience: 26 years

Description: I have a passion to teach struggling readers to read. I've worked as an elementary school teacher for years and have become a Certified Academic Language Therapist and Licensed Dyslexia Therapist to be a more effective teacher and therapist.

Testimonial: "My son struggled in school to the point of hiding under his desk.  As he worked with Mrs. Barlowe, his ability and love for reading quickly developed.  The forever impact though was his confidence to tackle bigger things.  As he learned skills to help him be a stronger reader, he became a stronger student across the board, including English and math.  He is now a National Junior Honor Society student.   I’m confident he will excel in life because his foundation in reading was developed by Mrs. Barlowe.  Forever thankful."

Karen L. Bruton, CALT, LDT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: B.S. in Education, Baylor University; Certifications--English, Kindergarten, Early Childhood, Language/Learning Disabled

Experience: 32 years

Description: My entire teaching career was teaching students with learning difficulties especially in reading, writing, and spelling. I believe all children can learn to read and my job is to discover the method.

Testimonial: From a 4th grader: "Thank you for helping me learn to read even when I didn't think I could. You always believed in me."

Amanda Bush M.Ed., CALT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: B.A. in Interdisciplinary Social Science, Florida State University
M.Ed. School Counseling, Dallas Baptist University

Experience: 8 years

Description: I am a Certified Academic Language Therapist as well as a Certified School Counselor. I love helping students increase their self esteem by improving their reading skills. I love yoga, walking my dog, and traveling.

Testimonial: "Amanda is such a blessing to our family! She has helped my son go from failing every standardized reading test in elementary school, to passing his most challenging 5th grade reading and writing exams."

Andrea A. Gallo, Esquire, M.Ed.

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: B.A., George Washington University; M.Ed., Arcadia University; J.D., Widener School of Law

Experience: 1 year

Description: Reading is at the heart of a child's academic success. As a special education advocate and mom of a son with dyslexia & APD, I understand the impact of strong literacy programming.

Testimonial: "Our therapist from Lexercise, Andrea, went over and beyond to help [name redacted] gain confidence and understand her new reading concepts."

Debbie Hitt, B.S., CALT, LDT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education:  B.S. in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University

Experience: 31 years

Description:  I have a passion for teaching reading. Using a structured program with multi-sensory methods is the best way to help a child succeed at reading.

Testimonial:  "Thank you so much for helping my son learn to read and spell. I have watched him grow into a successful student during his time with you. We can never thank you enough for all you have done for him."

Mary Kennington, M.Ed., LDT, CALT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education:  B.A. in History, University of Arkansas; M.Ed. in Special Education, Midwestern State University

Experience: 7 years

Description: I am a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT), a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist (LDT), and an Educational Diagnostician who is passionate in helping struggling readers and writers meet their full potential.

Testimonial: "There are no words to describe the angel that we know you to be. You saved our boy--academically and emotionally--and we will forever have the most special place in our hearts saved just for you."

Vicki Littleton, B.S., CALT, LDT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: B.S. in Education from Tennessee Temple University

Experience: 36 years

Description: As a novice teacher I saw a pattern in struggling readers. Through much research to try to help them, I found the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory method to be the most effective in teaching students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. My passion is teaching children to love reading.

Testimonial: "If it were not for Vicki Littleton’s consistent, diligent, persistent work with our son, he would not have the skills and techniques necessary to be successful both academically and personally today and throughout his future."

Kristen Mulos, M.A., CALT, LDT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: BS. Elementary Education, Stephen F. Austin University
M.A. Reading, Reading Specialist, Texas A&M Commerce

Experience: 25 years

Description: Through a structured reading program, I have witnessed countless students, including my own children become successful readers. Unlocking the key to Reading difficulties is my passion.

Testimonial: “I just wanted to express my gratitude for the work Kristen Mulos did with my daughter. Mallory could not read prior to working with Kristen. Mallory is now a successful "A honor" roll student."

Christy Olsson, B.A., CDA, CALT

Multisensory Reading Center


Education: CDA Credential, Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT), BA Human Development

Experience: 11 Years

Description: I have seen struggling readers achieve astonishing progress with structured language based programs. I am pleased to be a part of the Lexercise on-line family so I can help so many more with reading success!

Testimonial: "My son always tested just on grade level but after a single summer he is now testing 3 grade levels above his current grade. He looked forward to their sessions! I recommend Christy without hesitation."

Jen Parra, M.Ed, LDT, CALT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: B.A. History, Thomas Edison State College
M.Ed with emphasis in Dyslexia, Midwestern State University

Experience: 15 years

Description: I have worked with many types of learners including those with dyslexia, LD, ADHD, autism and other disables. I love using mulitsensory methods along with love and patience to help any child reach their potential.

Testimonial: "Jen Parra has worked with our son for five months and developed a trusting rapport with him. She has a gentle nature...and is also a great support to me. She's part of our family now on Monday nights!"

Anne Silveus, BBA

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Psychology, Texas Woman's University

Experience: 23 years

Description: By far my most rewarding experience in teaching has been working with students with dyslexia. The success they achieve and the increase in self-esteem motivates me to learn all I can to help them.

Testimonial: "I cannot express how much gratitude I have for you and everything you have done to help (name redacted) progress this year. Her self-esteem has improved so much and I don't think she feels "dumb" anymore!”

Sherri Turnquist, B.S., CALT

Multisensory Reading Center

Close Education: B.S, in Education from Wayland Baptist University, Certified Academic Language Therapy Certification from The Shelton School of Dallas

Experience: 23 years

Description: I am passionate about the fact that all children learn differently. I count it a privilege to teach children strategies to help them become more successful in spelling, reading and writing. I am so happy to be a part of Lexercise to provide much needed & important intervention to struggling students.

Testimonial: "I feel like Sherri truly cared that my son understood each concept before moving to the next one. I also loved that she took time to ask him questions and get to know him on a personal level. Our family highly recommends Sherri as an online tutor."

Rebecca Neyhard, M.Ed.

R.N. Educational Services

Close Education: BS in Education from Bloomsburg University, Master in Education from Edinboro University

Experience: 16 years

Description: I received training in the Orton-Gillingham Methodology from Children’s Dyslexia Center, Inc. I decided to join Lexercise because I feel that this methodology should be available to more children.

Testimonial: “Since you’ve been tutoring him (her son), I have seen a lot of improvement with his school work. He doesn’t complain about doing his homework anymore.”

Ruth Bevan, M.Ed.

Read for Life Clinic

Close Education: B.S.Ed. Elementary Education, West Chester University
M.Ed. Special Education, University of Florida

Experience: 20 years

Description: In addition to my experience, I am a member of the Association of Educational Therapists, International Dyslexia Association, Council for Exceptional Children, and the International Reading Association.

Testimonial: “We are so thankful for [Name Redacted]’s progress. She started at age 7 with no understanding of letters and sounds. By fourth grade she was reading on grade level-one of the best readers in the class, and today was inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society.”

Lindsey Blackburn, M.S.

The Reading Clinic

Close Education: B.A. Psychology, Wake Forest University
M.S. Education, University of Southern Maine

Experience in Years: 10

Description: I taught for years as a special educator and was frustrated by the limited help for dyslexic students. I trained with the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and became a therapist to be part of the solution.

Testimonial: Lindsey was the first person in my daughter’s life to “get” her. Lindsey helped coach me to use the correct terms with the school to advocate for my daughter. My daughter has made incredible progress since working with Lindsey.

Jennifer Garcia, M.Ed

The Reading Clinic

Close Education:  BSOE Business Administration, Wayland Baptist University; M.Ed.
Curriculum and Instruction, Bilingual Educacion, Texas A & M University-

Experience: 15 years

Description: My favorite, most effective, and most rewarding years in education
have definitely been the years of OG dyslexia therapy. I love helping dyslexic
children finally taste success and feel empowered in literacy!

Testimonial: "Mrs. Garcia, you are my favorite teacher!" enthusiastically yelled by a
parent after her child had achieved 2 years of growth in reading after only 8
weeks of therapy.

Jennifer Salisbury, M.Ed.

The Reading Collaborative

Close Education: B.A. in Global Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara
M.S. in Special Education from Lehman College

Experience: 13 years

Description: I feel privileged to be able to help struggling readers all over the world gain independence and confidence in their abilities. I've used the structured literacy approach since the beginning of my career, because it works!

Testimonial: "His self-esteem, reading & tools that you've given him have helped him to be a better reader & person. He now has confidence & reads out loud to people. You've changed his life, we'll never forget what you did for him."

May Shen, M.Ed., M.A.

The Skilled Reader

Close Education: B.A. History, Dartmouth College;
M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, The University of Texas at Arlington;
M.A. in Linguistics, The University of Texas at Arlington

Experience: 1 year

Description: Helping your child read independently and confidently is my goal.

Testimonial: From a third-grader: “Reading is easier for me now. I can tell the difference. My mom can too.”


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AOGPE – Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners & Educators
BCET – Board Certified Educational Therapist (Association of Educational Therapists)
CALP – Certified Academic Language Practitioner (Academic Language Therapy Association)
CALT – Certified Academic Language Therapist (Academic Language Therapy Association)
CCC – Certificate of Clinical Competence (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
CDP – Certified Dyslexia Practitioner (International Dyslexia Association)
LDP – Licensed Dyslexia Practitioner (a state issued license)
LDT – Licensed Dyslexia Therapist (a state issued license)
SLT – Structured Literacy Teacher (International Dyslexia Association)
TESOL – Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL International Association)