Dyslexia in the News: A Mother’s Review of Lexercise

Review of Lexercise

Here is WNCN News anchor Mike Gonzalez’s segment on how Lexercise is helping families with dyslexic children all over the world through online technology. He interviews Lauren Furman and her son’s therapist Tori Whaley.

(Updated 4/2/18 due to interview video link being broken. Here’s the full interview.)

If you are concerned your child is dyslexic, take the free dyslexia test now.

Here is Lauren Furman’s full review of Lexercise.

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Sandie Barrie Blackley, MA/CCC

MA/CCC - Cofounder and CKO

Sandie is a speech-language pathologist with more than 30 years of experience in the private practice sector. She is Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders at University of North Carolina Greensboro, and founder/owner of the Language & Learning Clinic, PLLC, a private practice in Elkin, NC, and Greensboro, NC, specializing in communication disorders, including disorders of reading and written language.