Guest Post: Lexercise Customer Reads on Grade Level in Four Months

RandyRandy is a first-grader. He reads.

That’s a big change. Just four months ago, Randy was not able to read and his teacher was on the verge of recommending that Randy be held back in school.

Fortunately, Randy’s pediatric ophthalmologist urged Randy’s mom, Anitra Spencer, to get her son a comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation, which is always the essential first step toward successful treatment, confirmed Randy’s diagnosis and launched him into a Lexercise treatment program.

The results have been impressive.

I recently interviewed Antira Spencer about her experience — getting the evaluation, working with Lexercise online, the changes in Randy and her perspective and recommendations after four months.

Our online conversation is recorded in the short video segments that follow each of my questions.

1. Why did you initially seek an evaluation through Lexercise?

2. Did you have any concerns or reservations about this online, blended therapy model? If so, how did your perspective change?

3. After doing this therapeutic intervention for four months, what changes have you noticed?

4. What would you tell parents who are considering using Lexercise?

Thank you, Anitra, and keep up the good work, Randy!

If your child struggles with reading, writing or spelling, please have a look at the Lexercise Online Dyslexia Testing and Treatment page. It could turn your child into a confident reader!

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Morgan Beidleman

A Lexercise Clinical Educator and a former marketing executive, Morgan joined Teach For America in 2007 with the desire to help struggling readers — a personal passion: "I struggled with reading as a child and without dedicated teachers and tutors, I never would have become the avid reader I am today. I understand, firsthand, how important extra time and support is when learning to read," she says. In 2008, after researching the track record of the Orton-Gillingham approach, Morgan convinced her principal to train teachers in the method. She has been using it ever since — including at Lexercise, which is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach — and is a firm believer in its effectiveness.