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Lauren Furman, Speech Pathologist and mother of a dyslexic son, reviews Lexercise’s dyslexia program and shares the role it played in improving her son’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Lexercise ParentLexercise Review: Self-confidence and self-esteem

These two concepts are ones that our 10-year-old has struggled with as a student since entering Kindergarten.  As early on as age 5, his teachers didn’t understand why he had difficulty attending to his work, wasn’t making sound-syllable correlations, and often gave up before he even started a learning task.  We now know that he has both ADHD and mixed type dyslexia also classified as Specific Learning Disability- Reading.  Being able to name his difficulties was important; however, the classifications alone did nothing to change his situation. 

We worked with the school system to create a 504 plan and then later in 3rd grade an IEP with written goals and classroom accommodations.   Classroom accommodations such as extra time to complete work, reading tests aloud, and reducing the number of problems he had to attempt were helpful but did nothing to remediate his delays.  Daily resource services in reading were also helpful but again, did not seem to directly correlate to his specific learning needs and did not remediate his issues.  He was constantly plagued by low grades and constant feelings of failure as a learner. 

Then we found Lexercise…

I am not only the parent of a child with special learning needs.  I am also an educator of children with special needs.  As the founder of the Lexercise program, I am a Speech-Language Pathologist.  After 20 years of experience working with children with special learning needs, I know the importance of not just providing remediation but rather providing the right remediation.  Lexercise is the right remediation.

With Lexercise, for the first time, we were able to address our son’s specific reading needs and as a result, his reading skills have greatly improved.  Even more important to us though, his self-confidence and self-esteem have improved.  Our son will be completing his final Lexercise session tomorrow.   We are proud to say that after conducting quantitative, follow-up testing, he has made significant progress in ALL areas of reading.   Our son no longer feels like a kid who “can’t”.  He is so proud of all he has accomplished and now feels like a kid who CAN and DID!  He DID improve his decoding, he DID improve his fluency, he DID improve his spelling, and he DID improve his ability to sound out hard words rather than guessing.   He DID it!

We can’t thank the very special people at Lexercise enough for what they have given to our son and our family.  Tori, our therapist, has been an invaluable addition to our lives.  She has a true passion for what she teaches as well as for working with children.  She has made our online sessions fun and interesting rather than tedious and boring.

The Lexercise program itself is structured in a very meaningful way.  By using a consistent and familiar format, the program provides comfort while learning new concepts.  Weekly Parent Resource letters provide beneficial follow-up materials to utilize throughout the week and the computerized games provide a fun yet challenging way to practice and integrate learned skills into daily use.   In all, it’s a very well-rounded and comprehensive program.

Lexercise has been a gift to our son.  I hope it can be for your child too…

If you suspect that your child may be experiencing reading and writing difficulties caused by dyslexia, I recommend you use this free dyslexia screener they’ve developed, then call the folks at Lexercise at 919-747-4557 to talk about additional assessment and treatment options.

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Sandie is a speech-language pathologist with more than 30 years of experience in the private practice sector. She is Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders at University of North Carolina Greensboro, and founder/owner of the Language & Learning Clinic, PLLC, a private practice in Elkin, NC, and Greensboro, NC, specializing in communication disorders, including disorders of reading and written language.