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painting of a bookshelfSince you may find yourself looking for those last-minute stocking stuffers, I thought I’d share a list of books priced under $10 for kids who are in the process of growing their language skills.

First, a note: Children with dyslexia need language explained in patterns that are logical, explicit, and systematic. While they may have a terrific vocabulary and be able to understand the meaning of a story when it’s read aloud, they may not be able to read the printed words of the same story from a book without help. So books that might be absolutely great for non-dyslexic children might not the best choice for dyslexic kids. Depending on the age of the child, and perhaps with a little guidance from the child’s clinician, the following books have terrific potential for sharpening linguistic sensors and encouraging young readers and writers!

These books are written to be read with children. Much of their power is in their potential to engage kids, ages about 6 through 9, in conversations about words and language.

  1. Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster by Debra Frasier
  2. Punctuation Takes a Vacation by Robin Pulver
  3. Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story by Loreen Leedy
  4. Look at My Book: How Kids Can Write & Illustrate Terrific Books by Loreen Leedy
  5. Rip the Page!: Adventures in Creative Writing by Karen Benke
  6. Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One by Kate Duke
  7. Max’s Words by Kate Banks
  8. The Boy Who Loved Words by Roni Schotter
  9. Author: A True Story by Helen Lester
  10. Ish by Peter H. Reynolds
  11. The Girl’s Like Spaghetti by Lynne Truss


Happy reading and Happy Holidays! I welcome your comments and invite your questions at or 1-919-747-4557.

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