The Lexercise Gift Guide

Who’s on your gift list this year? If you’re shopping for children with dyslexia or other learning differences, we’re here to help!

In our Lexercise Gift Guide, we have assembled a list of toys, books, magazines, and other tools that are both fun and practical. There are suggestions here for ages 1 year to adult and plenty of options for school-age kids as well as games the whole family can play. Your dyslexic child will enjoy these gifts so much, that they might not even notice they are becoming better readers and spellers at the same time!

The Lexercise Gift Guide for Dyslexic Children


Gifts For Children Ages 1 – and Up

gift ideas for dyslexic children ages 1 and up

1) Amazon Book Box  Ages 1 – 12
2) Dyslexic Legends  Ages 1 – 12
3) Playdoh Shape and Learn Letters  Ages 2 – 9
4) Finger Focus Highlighters  Ages 4 – 8


Gifts For Children Ages 5 and Up

best Dyslexic Gifts for children ages 5 and up

5) Hot Dots Jr.  Ages 5 – 8
6) Bananagrams Word Game  Ages 7+
7) Apple iPad  Ages 5 – adult
8) Learning Ally Audiobook Membership  Ages 6+
9) Audiobook Subscription  Ages 6+
10) Sight Word Swat Game  Ages 5+
11) National Geographic Kids Magazine  Ages 6 – 9
12) Phonics Dominoes  Ages 6 – 8
13) 100 Kid’s Books Scratch Off Poster  Ages 6+
14) C-Pen Reader  Ages 6+


Gifts For Children Ages 8 and Up

Gifts for Dyslexic children ages 8 and up

15) Mad Libs  Ages 8 – 12
16) Gigantagrams  Ages 8+
17) Simon Electronic Memory Game  Ages 8 – Teen
18) Apple AirPods   Ages   11 – adult
19) Motivational Bracelet    Ages 12+
20) Celebrate neurodiversity hoodie Ages 10+

We hope you’ve found something wonderful here for holidays or birthdays. 

Special recognition to Amanda Bush, and a big “Thank you!” to all the dyslexia therapists, who helped put this list together.

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