Guest Post: Improved Reading Skills with Lexercise

Lexercise1In today’s guest blog post, we hear from Jen Dunlap about the improvement she has seen in her son’s reading since starting with Lexercise. We love hearing what a good fit Lexercise is for Jen’s busy family. Over to Jen…

As parents, we never like to see our children struggle.  While some struggle is good and builds character, other struggle is pointless and only serves to erode self-confidence and weaken self-esteem.  Our children’s first learning experiences can definitely set the stage for the rest of their learning experiences.

When our second child didn’t start reading as quickly as our oldest, and then still continued to struggle while his younger sister effortlessly started reading, it was time to take a more proactive approach.  While my children are young, I follow a more relaxed approach to learning, sort of the better late than early method.   However, my husband and I felt we were at a point where our son potentially had a reading disability and we wanted to be clear about what we were dealing with.  If there was a diagnosable issue, we needed to be addressing the issue promptly.

Our first step was to take the free screener offered on the Lexercise site.  It was not much of a surprise when he did not score well.  Frankly, he was nowhere near where he should have tested.  Our next step was to sign up for an initial consultation.  We met our clinician Morgan via web-conferencing and she hit it off with Jonah right away.  He felt comfortable with her and was able to give an accurate display of his skills as well as his struggles.

Jonah has since been having a weekly meeting with Morgan via web-conference.  We meet for about one hour and then he and I have a bit of homework throughout the week.  The extra work fits nicely into our normal weekly routine.

Has Lexercise helped Jonah with his reading challenges? Yes!

Reading Improvements We Have Noticed With Lexercise:

  • Improved Word Attack Skills
  • Improved Reading Fluency
  • Improved Level of Confidence
  • Improved Willingness to Practice Reading
  • Improved Spelling

I actually think the most important improvement has been in his willingness to practice reading.  It’s difficult to improve on something if the participant isn’t interested in practicing!  It’s less of an ordeal to get him to sit down for a bit of time and read.

I appreciate that Lexercise offers its services via web-conference.  As a mom of a large, busy family, it’s a relief not having to juggle another appointment throughout the week.  The meetings via web-conferencing are effective and an efficient use of our family’s time. Lexercise has been extremely helpful to our son and to our family.

Jen blogs at Forever, For Always, No Matter What.  Stop in for a visit as she blogs about their Catholic faith, homeschooling, and adoption, all while trying to fit in exercise and healthy eating.


If you’d like to learn more about Lexercise’s online therapy services, click here. If you’d like to hear more personal stories, head over to our Testimonials Page.

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