Guest Post: Scott Interviews 7-year-old Playwright

Addison PlaywrightIn today’s post, Lexercise Clinical Educator Scott Tiernan interviews one of his students, 7-year-old Addison Whitehead, about a play she wrote that won an award. Take it away, Scott…

When I first began working with Addison Whitehead, she told me she loved to write. Turns out she’s pretty good at it!

Recently Addison submitted an original play to the Florida Studio Theatre’s 2012 Young Playwrights Festival. There were over 4,000 plays submitted, and just a few weeks ago Addison learned that her play, We Are One, was awarded Honorable Mention. Way to go Addison!

On May 2 Addison will attend the Florida Theatre Studio in Sarasota with her class to see her play performed by the theatre troupe. The following week she gets to return to the Theatre for a luncheon. Pretty great for a 7-year-old!

I caught up with Addison to ask her a few questions about her play, her penchant for knock-knock jokes (she’s got a ton of them!), and her favorite writing utensil (hint: her answers below are written in blue). Without further adieu, here’s…Addison.

Scott Tiernan: Your play is titled, We Are One. Tell us about the play and how you came up with the idea?
Addison Whitehead: My idea was to think of how people can work together and stop conflict. My play is about how we all work together. The characters are a cloud, the rain, the sun and a rainbow. The play tells a story of teamwork between the cloud, rain and sun to make a rainbow.

ST: Who is your favorite character in the play?
AW: My favorite character in the play is the Rainbow because it is at the end and is the result of teamwork.

ST: How long did it take you to write the play?
AW: Let me see; it took me three days to write the play.

ST: How did you feel when you found out your play was one of the ones selected from over 4,000 entries?
AW: I couldn’t go to sleep for a minute as I was feeling surprised and proud. When I was writing my play I was hoping it would be selected. I am also a little bit nervous to attend the luncheon.

ST: Do you think you’ll be nervous watching your play?
AW: Yes I will be nervous watching because it is a funny play and I do not want the actors to miss a line.

ST: What other types of writing do you like to do? Are you working on a new play?
AW: I like to write poetry, stories and songs using cursive print. No I am not working on a new play but I hope to be soon.

ST: Where is your favorite place to write? Do you have a favorite pencil or pen you write with? Or, do you type on the computer?
AW: My favorite place to write is at school, in the Language class with Ms. Rachel. I like to write with blue pencils. I like to Skype on the computer and type messages.

ST: I know you like jokes. Can you tell us a funny one?
AW: Yes, I can, although this may not work on the computer.
Knock, knock…

Who’s there?
Barbie who?
Barbie-cue hot dogs are my favorite.

ST: If you become a famous playwright one day, can we please have an autographed copy of We Are One?
AW: I don’t know what to say (big smile). I hope so, yes, this would be okay. Thank you!


Thank you, Scott. We love to hear success stories!


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