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Online Therapy

Either your therapist leads your child’s lesson every week, or you do.

Daily Practice

Your child completes online games, videos & activities to reinforce lessons between sessions.

Fast Progress

Your child becomes the secure, confident student you know they can be.

Free Dyslexia Test for Children

Free Dyslexia Test for Children

Learn your child’s risk of dyslexia in 5 to 10 minutes!

Over 200,000 parents have tested their children with Lexercise’s screener.

59,624 Parents rate the Lexercise Screener 4.81 stars.

Why Do Families Love Lexercise?

Opinions are those of the clients. Lexercise offered our services in exchange for their producing the film.

Lauren Furman, parent

Student’s age: 13 | Professional Therapy

“I am a Speech-Language Pathologist…I know the importance of providing the right remediation. With Lexercise, for the first time, we were able to address our son’s specific reading needs and as a result his reading skills have greatly improved.  Even more important to us though, his self-confidence and self-esteem have improved.”

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Michele Castle, parent

Student’s age: 10 | Professional Therapy

“My kids just took the entrance exams to get into a private school and passed on grade level! This is a real accomplishment! The kids really liked working with their teacher and played their games with no arguments every single day, even on holidays, without complaint. I’m grateful for the therapy and believe it was entirely worth the investment of time and money.”

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Rebekah Van Der Hengst

Professional Therapy

“We have experienced great success, her reading has drastically improved…I’ve seen her improve rapidly compared to any other method I’ve tried…She is now reading for fun!”


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Lexercise Guarantee

Professional Therapy

Lexercise guarantees that your child will improve one grade level in reading after eight weeks of Lexercise teletherapy. If your child does not make a grade level of improvement, Lexercise will give you an additional four weeks of teletherapy for free.


Basic Therapy

Lexercise guarantees your satisfaction. If you aren’t happy using Lexercise Basic Therapy for any reason, call us with your feedback during your first 2 weeks and get a full refund.