COVID-19 got you stuck at home with the kids? Need to reach your students remotely? We can help!


At Lexercise, we are proud that we can to help so many families, schools, and therapists during this crisis of COVID-19 (aka “coronavirus”).  As a distance-learning platform, we are uniquely positioned to help turn days at home into quality time.


“Pay-what-you-want” subscription through the summer

Since most schools across the country have gone online-only, we’ve slashed the price of our Lexercise for Schools system to help teachers of young and struggling readers connect with their students remotely.  We’ll set you up with our structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham) based dyslexia curriculum, teach you how to engage your students online, and give them the practice they need using our games. Apply and get this service for whatever you would like to pay from now through the summer.

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Fill your kids’ time with productive practice, safely

Long days with the kids home from school can be a blessing – and a curse!  If your child is a struggling reader, online Professional Therapy is a great way to get him or her help, safely!  Sign up with one of our terrific online therapists, get personalized instruction, and follow it up with daily games and joint activities to practice reading and spelling skills.

If you’re on a budget, sign up for our Basic Therapy and teach the lessons yourself.  You won’t get the customization and instruction from a therapist, but you will get hours of lessons and games for you and your kids.

To help make ends meet during these trying times, we have a special discount on Basic Therapy through the end of the month. Use the coupon HELPNOSCHOOL during signup and get your first 4 weeks for only $5! If you stick with it, you will get 35% off our normal pricing for the rest of your child’s therapy.

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Keep your practice open using teletherapy

It’s likely that families will be wary of entering offices for the foreseeable future, so now is a great time to move to online therapy. We offer complete courses (online, of course!) to help you master the curriculum and learn to use our teletherapy platform. Short term, see your existing students.  Long term? Grow your practice and deliver better results.

To help you transition to teletherapy, we’ve heavily discounted our courses during this crisis. There’s never been a better time to move your practice online.

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