Online Therapy for Dyslexia Now Available

Clinician‐supervised program encourages structured, daily practice to improve results for dyslexic and other reading‐disabled children ages 5 and up

San Francisco, California – 24 May 2010 –, a Web‐based language learning tool, has entered its public beta with an invitation‐only phase targeted to licensed clinicians. Designed to provide clinician‐supervised daily practice to children ages 5 and up with dyslexia and other speech‐language disorders, Lexercise uses Flash‐animated games to teach core skills for reading, writing and spelling, such as phonological awareness and alphabetic phonics.

Based on the Orton‐Gillingham approach, a widely accepted industry standard, Lexercise allows the clinician to guide and adjust the child’s curriculum, track problems and progress toward benchmarks, prepare reports, and communicate with both child and parents. Learning is rewarded and each lesson builds on the student’s growing fluency.

Up to 61 million people in the United States have significant trouble reading. In the K‐12 age bracket, the number of children with reading problems could be as high as 11 million. Many families rely on public school reading intervention, but 80 percent of second‐ graders who are struggling to read will still be struggling in the seventh grade. Tutors and off‐the‐shelf software are targeted at weak readers, not reading‐disabled children.

Parents may seek help from clinicians in private practice. By encouraging daily practice – the key to successful language learning – Lexercise can reduce the frequency of in‐office visits to the clinician, shorten the treatment time from the typical 2.5 years to just over one year and save parents thousands of dollars on treatment costs.

Lexercise successfully completed an eight‐week Proof‐of‐Concept phase with a 25‐person panel consisting of speech‐language pathologists and special education teachers from Singapore, Canada and the U.S. The panel tested the tool in a variety of settings, including private practices, clinics, hospitals, university training programs and private and public schools, including a school for the deaf.

Initially targeting the approximately 20,000‐30,000 licensed speech‐language pathologists and clinical educators in the U.S., Lexercise also provides resources for parents, including free online dyslexia screening tools and a clinician‐finder.
The company anticipates that its by‐invitation public beta should be complete by October 2010. will then launch a public beta and anticipates full operation by November 2010.

Lexercise is a clinician‐managed dyslexia treatment that includes online games and in‐clinic tools. These research‐based, neuro‐linguistic exercises are customized for the child by his or her clinician. The child practices online daily when convenient. Practice is supervised and adjusted by the clinician to optimize progress.

Research shows that daily, structured practice is the most important component of reading therapy. Lexercise combines this with all the other essential elements for successful dyslexia treatment.

Chad Myers and Sandie Barrie Blackley are available for interviews.


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  • Sandie Barrie Blackley, MA/CCC | CKO, Mind InFormation – | 1-919-747-4557 ext. 807

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