My Brain Is A Wordbox? How Your Brain Learns To Read

diagnosing dyslexia (5) “Did you know that a human brain has an area nicknamed “the word box” that is used to help us learn to read?  Have you ever thought about how a brain begins to figure out the difference between the letter b and the letter d? Or the letter q and the letter p?   In this article in Frontiers for Young Minds,  Kassuba and Kastner explain how our brains learn that letters are special in that they are a code we can use to read.  How does the brain learn, for example, that the letter o in not like other round objects like basketballs or oranges?figure-5

Kids and parents who use Lexercise learn the best ways to train their brain’s “letter boxes”!






Kassuba T and Kastner S (2015) The Reading Brain. Front Young Minds. 3:5. doi: 10.3389/frym.2015.00005

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