Dyslexia Help for Struggling Readers

The first few years of schooling can be a time of uncertainty for parents with struggling readers.

Most students don’t fall behind in reading because of their age or general development. Rather, they fall behind because they lack the pre-reading skills that they need to learn to read by conventional methods.

Lexercise provides dyslexia help by using the leading structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham) approach so your child can overcome reading, writing, and spelling difficulties.

How Can Structured Literacy Help?

The structured literacy approach (formerly referred to as Orton-Gillingham) is the gold standard to help children overcome dyslexia, supported by almost 35 years of research. The approach teaches sounds and letters using three main sensory pathways: sight, sound, and movement. We make learning an active process so the child is able to make reading and spelling more automatic.

Receiving this treatment once meant seeing a therapist at a clinic, but now, Lexercise is delivering Dyslexia help with video conferencing, bringing clinicians to your own home!

Your son or daughter will work 1:1 with a qualified literacy expert every week in a video conference room, where your clinician delivers multi-sensory instructions that are engaging, fun, and effective. Parents can sit in on the session as well, and learn methods to practice with their child during the week.

Treatment is delivered by a fully qualified expert that has a background in learning disabilities. This is NOT a tutoring service.

Help for Dyslexia through Lexercise


Getting Individualized and Life-Changing Dyslexia Help

Investing in dyslexia help is life-changing and is only short-term with our personalized and comprehensive approach.

Every child is unique so in the first session, your child will be tested and the therapy adjusted to their needs. Every time they progress to a new level, you will also receive new material to work with your child in between sessions.


If you are not sure yet whether or not your child needs literacy help, take one of our free online tests here. We offer dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning disability tests free of charge.

If you are looking for individualized structured literacy therapy for your child, we have two options available. Check out our Therapy Page for more information.

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