3 More Easy Ways to Overcome Learning Loss

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Worried about learning loss in your child during this summer break? While it’s true that learning loss can affect all children who take an extended break from their studies and practices, there are ways you can help your child maintain and expand on what they’ve already learned.

In part one of this series, you read how you can engage your child with library programs, journaling, and even cooking. Now, in part two of the series you’ll discover:

3 More Easy Ways to Overcome Learning Loss This Summer

  1. Schedule a weekly family game night with games like Scrabble, Boggle, and Apples to Apples. Word games like these are especially effective in reinforcing and expanding your child’s reading skills.
  2. Host a family read-aloud session with popular books, or book series, where family members take turns reading. Even if your child doesn’t want to read aloud, they can still maintain and grow both their vocabulary and comprehension skills simply by listening to another family member reading.
  3. Explore areas of your child’s strengths and interests. If they’re interested in dinosaurs, you can take your child to a museum and see a dinosaur exhibit. Then checkout online resources on dinosaurs including drawings, videos, and articles. If their strengths include building things, help them choose one of the many new and advanced Lego toys. Got a budding artist? Read together about the many types of art supplies (water paint, oil paint, charcoal, colored pencils, etc.) and then help them shop for a new art set.

Summertime is a great time to engage in activities together. And with these activities, your child will maintain and expand on the knowledge they’ve previously learned and overcome learning loss in a fun and easy way.

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