3 Easy Ways to Overcome Learning Loss

3 Easy Ways to Overcome Learning Loss this summerLearning Loss. It happens every summer and affects children in grades k-6 the hardest. But you can protect your child from this annual occurrence with these 3 easy ways to overcome learning loss.

But First, What Is Learning Loss?

Learning loss is often defined as the reversal of academic progress or a recognized loss of knowledge and skills in a student.

Learning loss happens when a student’s instruction and practice is interrupted by an extended break in learning, such as during a school’s summer recess.

To overcome learning loss, all you need to do is engage your child in short bits of instruction or practice. As little as 10-15 minutes of interaction a day is all that’s needed to maintain your child’s learned knowledge.

And Here Are Your 3 Easy Ways to Overcome Learning Loss This Summer

  1. Enroll your child in the local library’s summer reading program. Most libraries have one, and many offer special STREAM (Science, Tech, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math) activities, online, as well.
  2. Have your child keep a journal or blog (paper or electronic), especially of family events and trips. Encourage them to include drawings, maps, photos, videos, distance traveled, people met, weather conditions, animals seen, and anything else that keeps their mind focused and entertained.
  3. Sneak in some math skills by getting your child involved in cooking food for the family or by following fun recipes such as homemade play dough. Cooking involves reading instructions, measuring ingredients, and tracking time. It’s a great single activity that packs in a lot of different learning disciplines.

Once your child engages in these activities, they’ll be reinforcing and maintaining the knowledge they’ve already learned. You may even discover their learning expanding and their curiosity growing. They’ll become more aware of new possibilities and their self-esteem will grow as they become more independent learners.

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