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Advisory Board

Lexercise is built upon the expertise and best practices of seasoned professionals in a variety of industries. Our esteemed Advisory Board provides a tremendous amount of education and real world experience as a foundation upon which we are able to innovate. Among our impressive list of advisers are:

Clinical Advisers

Jane Holmes Burnstein, PhD

  • Specialty: international research in learning disabilities
  • Neuropsychologist with a PhD in Linguistics
  • Assoc. Prof. of Psych., Dept. of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School & past director of Neuropsychology, Children’s Hospital Boston

Adrienne Classen, MD

  • Specialty: pediatric chronic illnesses, medical fragility & developmental disability
  • Pediatrician in private practice, Elkin, NC
  • Former pediatrician with Kaiser Permanente

Mary V. Compton, Ed. D.

  • Specialty: deaf education (over 35 years of experience)
  • Associate Prof. in Dept. of Specialized Education Services at UNCG
  • Research: early intervention, itinerant teaching & cochlear implants

Rebecca Felton, Ph.D.

  • Specialty: diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities
  • Former Wake Forest University School of Medicine NICHD investigator
  • 1994 National Dyslexia Research Foundation Award & 2005 NC IDA June Lyday Orton Award

Celia Hooper, Ph.D.

  • Specialty: neurogenic communication disorders
  • Professor & Dean, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
  • Former VP at American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

Susan Lowell, M.A., B.C.E.T.

  • Specialty: diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities
  • Director of Educational Therapy Associates-private clinical practice
  • International Dyslexia Association Board Member and advisor to the Board of Directors of the US Office of Overseas Schools

Joshua R. Steinerman, MD

  • Specialty: neurology & neuropsychiatry, clinical practice & research
  • Assistant Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Founding Scientist at ProGevity Neuroscience

William O. Young, MD

  • Specialty: pediatric ophthalmology & teaching parents, primary care physicians and school nurses about the neurolinguistic basis of dyslexia
  • Adjunct Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill & Wake Forest/ Bowman Gray Schools of Medicine
  • Pediatric Ophthalmologist in private practice, Greensboro, NC

Business Advisers

Seth Blackley, Harvard MBA

  • Specialty: healthcare services technology
  • Managing Director at The Advisory Board Company (NASDAQ: ABCO)
  • Former McKinsey & Company analyst and consultant

Joseph Pigato, Wharton MBA

  • Specialty: e-learning technologies
  • Sold his e-learning company in 2002
  • Key manager at Score! during acquisition by Kaplan