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Lexercise is a literacy program that provides you and your child with personalized lessons, games, and activities based on the latest research in reading science and the structured literacy approach.

Structured literacy therapy (Orton-Gillingham) is the gold standard for treating dyslexia and other literacy challenges. Connect with one of our highly-trained therapists for online, one-on-one dyslexia tutoring no matter where you live.

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Lexercise Professional Therapy at a Glance

PT Therapy

1-on-1 Therapy

Once a week your dedicated dyslexia tutor will lead you and your child in a highly customized interactive lesson. Your therapist will be with you to explain, support, and encourage you throughout your family’s journey.

PT Therapy

Interactive, Educational Games

Access to our suite of educational games for daily, independent practice to reinforce each lesson. Games are specifically selected and assigned by your therapist to ensure your child is getting the necessary practice.

PT Therapy

Parent Dashboard & Resources

A parent portal that tracks your child’s progress, has built-in resources and activities to support you and your child and gives you direct access to your therapist who is ready to answer any questions you may have.

PT Therapy

Lessons That Travel with You

Flexibility to take lessons with your dyslexia tutor from anywhere an Internet connection is available! As long as you have a reliable internet connection, a Lexercise lesson can be delivered from any location.

Get individualized, dyslexia therapy with one of our accredited partners for $495* per month. That is less than $124 per weekly session!

*pricing varies by therapist

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Effective treatment requires individual attention. Each and every Lexercise therapist has completed rigorous training and years of education to earn their qualifications for treating learning disabilities, like dyslexia and dysgraphia. Our expert therapists are well versed in the obstacles you and your family face and are equipped to tackle any literacy problem. Schedule your free consultation to learn more.

Elizabeth Douge, M.A., ET/P

Illuminations Dyslexia Center

Keri Hope, M.Ed., TESOL, SLDS

The Reading Clinic

Elyse Loudenbarger, M.Ed.

The Umbrella Classroom

McKenzie Alewine, M.Ed., SLDS

Literacy Imagined

Greg Parent, M.Ed.

Lightworks Learning Center

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Our Personalized Dyslexia Program Works!

Children who complete the Lexercise program improve 3 grade levels on average! We guarantee your child will improve one whole grade level in 2 months, or your 3rd month is on us! Learn more about the Lexercise Guarantee.

Watch this video to hear from one of our Professional Therapy students on how our dyslexia program helped him gain confidence and become a stronger reader:

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Christina Burger

Student’s age: 9 | Professional Therapy

“Our son[‘s] confidence has continued to build. He also really enjoys the computer instruction throughout the week. He does his practice every day without complaint, and he loves unlocking new levels and seeing his points increase, and meeting his goals. I also really like how Lexercise lays out the parent portion – I always know exactly what he and I need to do together to strengthen his skills and the activities are often enjoyable and varied. I feel like we have a solid partner in his reading journey!

Testimonial image

Schynequa Mathis

Students’ ages: 10 | Professional Therapy*

“…it has worked wonders…her special education teacher when they returned to school just could not believe how much she had caught up…It has truly been amazing for us. I could not have found a better program for them.”

Testimonial image

Lauren Furman

Student’s age: 13 | Professional Therapy

“I am a Speech-Language Pathologist…I know the importance of providing the right remediation. With Lexercise, for the first time, we were able to address our son’s specific reading needs and as a result his reading skills have greatly improved. Even more important to us though, his self-confidence and self-esteem have improved.”

Join Christina, Schynequa, Lauren, and thousands of other parents who trust the Lexercise Professional Therapy program for dyslexia treatment.

What to Expect from Our Dyslexia Program

The Structured Literacy Approach

Structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham) is the gold standard for dyslexia treatment and has been scientifically-backed by more than three decades of research from the National Institutes of Health. Not only is structured literacy the only effective method to help struggling readers and writers, but overall, it is also the best way to teach the foundations of literacy to all students.

Basic therapy lexercise games

Educational Games

Overcoming dyslexia and other literacy challenges requires brain training to build new connections between sounds and letters. It takes repetition and hard work to automate your child’s new skills. With our Professional Therapy program, you will have access to fun and engaging games that focus exactly on what your child needs, and can be completed independently on any laptop or tablet.

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Your school hasn’t solved the problem, and you’re looking for something that works. Let us help. Join the thousands of families that have found success with Lexercise’s online dyslexia program.

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