Top 10 School Frustrations for Dyslexics

Here are the top 10 school frustrations we hear from families with dyslexic children.

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  1. “My smart daughter tells me she’s ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ because she compares her reading to her classmates.”

  2. “She comes home from school in tears after being called on to read aloud, getting a bad grade in spelling, or running out of time on a test.”Sad teenage girl cries next to her worried mother

  3. “The school has told me for years that he would ‘outgrow’ his reading problems, and each year he gets further behind.”

  4. “The school wants to hold my child back to repeat a grade just because of his reading level.”

  5. “The school is teaching him to memorize words, instead of helping him to learn to read in a way his brain can understand.”

  6. “The school treats accommodations as cheating and won’t even consider letting my child use audiobooks to learn.”

  7. “The school gives my child too much homework, and it takes him twice as long as his peers!”

  8. “The school says there is no such thing as dyslexia since they don’t have the resources to test or treat it.”

  9. “The school’s tests show she isn’t far enough behind to qualify for additional support.”

  10. “I paid for a test that proves my daughter is dyslexic – now the school won’t accept the results!”

We all know schools struggle to help dyslexic children, and we wish schools would get on board with what science says works. Until then, we will be here to help you.

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Marie Lunney

Marie struggled with reading, writing and spelling as a child and knows the frustrations of finding and receiving language therapy. She has since overcome her childhood struggles and recently graduated Cum Laude from Elon University with a BS/BA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Marie is enthusiastic about helping families find convenient, personalized and effective language therapy.