Shay Discepolo, parent

Student’s Age: 7 | Professional Therapy*

“The lockdowns caused a big learning gap for our son. When lockdowns happened, he was in kindergarten so going back to school in 1st grade, we noticed he was not doing well on assessments. I found Lexercise … Our son has made HUGE strides. On school assessment, he improved 106% and was advanced to 2nd grade to begin this year. He is reading so much better now and is even mastering inflection with different punctuation when reading. Comprehension is much improved as well…Camille DeGomez […] was kind, patient. and supportive. She always responded to messages and was always available. She connected with my son and encouraged him through all the lessons. We are very grateful for the individual attention our son received and are pleased that he is now on track with his reading proficiency.”

*Access to Lexercise services was provided through the Natalie Wexler Dyslexia Scholarship, offered in conjunction with the Lexercise professional development course sequence.

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