Testimonials Archive - Lexercise

Michele, parent

Student’s age: 11 | Professional Therapy

“I chose Lexercise because we live in a rural community with no access to help for dyslexic and dysgraphics. This program gave my son the chance for assistance without the need to travel hours weekly.”

“My son has excelled since he started Lexercise and meeting with his tutor, Greg Parent. He wakes up early every Tuesday to meet with Mr. Greg! He enjoys his time and he is learning in leaps and bounds. My son made the Honor roll his first semester of middle school. This is something I never thought possible due to his learning profile. Mr. Greg and Lexercise gave him the confidence and the tools to excel with a different learning profile than his peers.”

“I cannot thank you and Greg Parent enough for this excellent program and confidence in my child that so many before had written off.”

Melissa, parent

Student’s age:  8 | Professional Therapy

“My son, academically, has gained more confidence and self-esteem. His reading and spelling test have gone from major fails to successes. Before starting the program, reading would create a lot of persuasion, arguing, anxiety and mostly a lot of crying and self doubt. My son felt like he would never learn how to read and would get discouraged and very upset. He could not understand why reading came so easily to his classmates but was such a nightmare for him. Now, he is in third grade, still struggles to read but can read up to grade 1 books. We are continuing the program and I know he will soon catch up. His teachers are impressed with his learning improvement. His anxiety to attend school has greatly diminish which is beautiful to see.”

“Elyse (Loudenbarger), our tutor is our angel! …She is flexible, kind and provides solutions for any obstacles that might arise. She is also a great support for me, the mom! Raising a child with learning difficulties paired with anxiety and a few other challenges often feels overwhelming and lonely but …with Elyse’s support I feel hopeful and reassured that my son will have a bright future…The program might seem expensive and time consuming, but it is worth every penny and the time. The program itself provides a lot of articles, information, games, and much more. With Lexercise and Elyse I feel calmer, happier, and confident.”

Jaime Pasieniuk

Student’s age: 8 | Professional Therapy

“We received a recommendation from my daughter’s Audiologist that this program would benefit her in her goals of improving her reading and spelling.  Elise is now using the skills taught in the Lexercise program to decode new words she comes across in her reading. Her reading speed and comprehension have improved. Her Lexercise coach, Nicole (Tornow), was very encouraging and Elise’s confidence grew with reading and spelling.”

Ethan’s parent

Student’s age:  9 | Basic Therapy

I chose Lexercise “to help with ADHD, reading comprehension, and spelling.” 

Lexercise “… helps us take things slow and a little at a time. So helpful!! I see progress and he gets so encouraged!”

Michael Nauta

Student’s age: 15 | Professional Therapy

“We had tried other programs that didn’t work, so we had nothing to lose.  Lexercise and his therapist (Camille Allred) has made it possible for him to read successfully and confidently. We had tried other programs and this was the only one where we saw results. We don’t know where we would be with out Lexercise.”

Christina Burger

Student’s age: 9 | Professional Therapy

“We had hit a point in our reading instruction that we just were not progressing, our son was beginning to dread reading and getting very frustrated[…]. I researched different options and heard from many parents about the success they found with Lexercise. […]

“Nicole has been such a HUGE part of our journey! As a parent who was just beginning to learn about dyslexia, I was very overwhelmed, unconfident, and worried that I was failing my son or unable to provide him with what he needed. From our first conversation, Nicole was extremely positive, educated, and informed on dyslexia and how she could help. […] Our son responded to her genuine encouragement and enthusiasm, and she was able to really hone in on the areas that he needed extra help, meet him where he’s at and challenge him without overwhelming him. As a parent, she was SO responsive to my messages and questions. She was very encouraging to me, helping me with the parent resource side of things, as well as providing me thoughtful feedback and encouragement that really helped me grow in my own understanding of dyslexia and capabilities in how I can help my son. […]

“Our son[‘s] confidence has continued to build. He also really enjoys the computer instruction throughout the week. He does his practice every day without complaint, and he loves unlocking new levels and seeing his points increase, and meeting his goals. I also really like how Lexercise lays out the parent portion – I always know exactly what he and I need to do together to strengthen his skills and the activities are often enjoyable and varied. I feel like we have a solid partner in his reading journey!

“The combination of the Lexercise program with Nicole’s guidance, encouragement, and expertise has been a game-changer for our son. He’s now reading for fun on his own!! He has the ability and confidence now to try reading new things without hesitation. It’s been incredible to see his confidence just skyrocket with this program. And his spelling! Wow! That was one surprise I hadn’t anticipated. I really thought we’d have to work on reading first, and spelling would come much later down the road. His spelling actually improved after just the first lesson, and he continues to use his skills in all he writes. We are very happy with the continued results.”

Marie D.

Student’s age: 7 | Basic Therapy

“After reviewing several programs, it seemed like the best fit. I like that it has direct lessons but then several days of independent practice to review what was taught. My son has trouble focusing for long periods of time. The length of the daily practice works well for him. If the direct lesson is a long one, I can break it into two sessions to make it work for my son. The flexibility in the program is key for us.

“My son was about two school years behind in reading. It also took him a very long time to write even one sentence. Writing frustrated him as much as reading, if not more. We’ve only been doing the program for about three months and I’ve seen such growth in him. He is able to consistently read and spell multi-syllable words and words with consonant blends. The best part is watching him gain confidence in his abilities. He’s actually said multiple times that he finds the program fun.”

Lorna, parent (UK)

Student’s Age: 10 | Basic Therapy

…[My son] was unable to spell and he became increasingly anxious and under confident. I couldn’t get any support for my son through his school and I was worried that, in time, this would have a detrimental impact on his future studies…. The program has been life changing. [My son] has learnt how to see patterns and use tools to spell words. He went from writing one sentence where he was unable to spell one word correctly to writing several sentences with the odd incorrect word. [He] has grown in confidence and has been able to acknowledge himself the improvement he has made. As a mum, I feel happier that he is better prepared for secondary school and that he is not so anxious to put pen to paper.

The website is user friendly. The resources are fantastic. Although I didn’t feel the need to contact [our therapist], I knew I could contact her if I needed to. She always replied promptly and provided support as and when I needed it. She also emailed me from time to time to see how things were going and to let me know that she was checking in on [my son]’s progress. This program is worth every penny and although it does demand dedication from both the child and parent, it is certainly worth it in the end. 

Schynequa Mathis

Students’ ages: 10 | Professional Therapy*

“…it has worked wonders…her special education teacher when they returned to school just could not believe how much she had caught up…It has truly been amazing for us. I could not have found a better program for them.”

*Access to Lexercise therapy was provided by Dyslexia Services Foundation, a non-profit established by the owners of Lexercise.

Elizabeth Hall

Student’s Age: 9 | Professional Therapy

“…I was in a state of desperation. My daughter and I had tried more curriculums than I could count. I laid awake every night researching and worrying. We both had shed more tears than I’d like to admit. We had tried 2 different reading tutors who could only get us so far. Which wasn’t very far! …The first week with Lexercise was a bit overwhelming for both of us but our therapist was there every step of the way… By the second week, I could already see my daughter making progress… It was so encouraging! …After just 8 weeks we have watched our daughter gain so much confidence and improve her reading level by almost 2 grade-years. I’m excited to see how much further she can go with Lexercise.”

Mollie Stiles

Student’s age 9 | Professional Therapy

“…the frustration built, walls went up, and his attitude and actions tanked. Those moments when sounding out didn’t click became the norm, and reading became drudgery…I saw the light going out, something had to change. Then, we found Lexercise…it really is the force that changed the trajectory of my son’s education and self esteem. Being matched with an amazing teacher that does nothing but encourage, explain, and tailor Lexercise to his needs has been game changing. Miss Emily is a beloved part of my son’s life, and her willingness to draw out the best in him is a gift. […] The tasks are simple, well scripted, and easily understood. The steps to learning are scaffolded in such a way that he has truly been able to master the concepts before him. Lexercise has restored his will to try, and even more importantly, his joy. He beams that he is able to accomplish what he so desperately has desired for years, the ability to fluently read. Lexercise is hard work, but it’s magic as well. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a way to reach readers who are struggling. It has meant the world to us.”

Shay Discepolo

Student’s Age: 7 | Professional Therapy*

“The lockdowns caused a big learning gap for our son. When lockdowns happened, he was in kindergarten so going back to school in 1st grade, we noticed he was not doing well on assessments. I found Lexercise … Our son has made HUGE strides. On school assessment, he improved 106% and was advanced to 2nd grade to begin this year. He is reading so much better now and is even mastering inflection with different punctuation when reading. Comprehension is much improved as well…Camille DeGomez […] was kind, patient. and supportive. She always responded to messages and was always available. She connected with my son and encouraged him through all the lessons. We are very grateful for the individual attention our son received and are pleased that he is now on track with his reading proficiency.”

*Access to Lexercise services was provided through the Natalie Wexler Dyslexia Scholarship, offered in conjunction with the Lexercise professional development course sequence.