Sarah, parent

Student’s age:  6 | Professional Therapy

“My son started the program at pre-K level… He enjoyed the games and independent activities. We saw tremendous progress in his speed of sounding out words, reading speed and ability, words he committed to memory, and understanding of phonics. The quick lessons at home were helpful to keep me knowledgeable and in-the-loop as his primary teacher for homeschooling. Rhonda (Hill) was patient and customized the Lexercise games and learning objectives to fit his needs and what was working/not working….Rhonda also helped motivate him with the point system within Lexercise. After meeting goals, he could pick an incentive with us (his parents) and something with Rhonda (maybe extra points, new book). [Our] picture is a Mommy-Son date reading new books together.  Lexercise is a great resource especially if in an area with limited dyslexia interventionists. He gained so much confidence reading, writing, and sounding out words.”

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