Mollie Stiles, parent

Student’s age 9 | Professional Therapy

“…the frustration built, walls went up, and his attitude and actions tanked. Those moments when sounding out didn’t click became the norm, and reading became drudgery…I saw the light going out, something had to change. Then, we found Lexercise…it really is the force that changed the trajectory of my son’s education and self esteem. Being matched with an amazing teacher that does nothing but encourage, explain, and tailor Lexercise to his needs has been game changing. Miss Emily is a beloved part of my son’s life, and her willingness to draw out the best in him is a gift. […] The tasks are simple, well scripted, and easily understood. The steps to learning are scaffolded in such a way that he has truly been able to master the concepts before him. Lexercise has restored his will to try, and even more importantly, his joy. He beams that he is able to accomplish what he so desperately has desired for years, the ability to fluently read. Lexercise is hard work, but it’s magic as well. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a way to reach readers who are struggling. It has meant the world to us.”

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