Melissa, parent

Student’s age:  8 | Professional Therapy

“My son, academically, has gained more confidence and self-esteem. His reading and spelling test have gone from major fails to successes. Before starting the program, reading would create a lot of persuasion, arguing, anxiety and mostly a lot of crying and self doubt. My son felt like he would never learn how to read and would get discouraged and very upset. He could not understand why reading came so easily to his classmates but was such a nightmare for him. Now, he is in third grade, still struggles to read but can read up to grade 1 books. We are continuing the program and I know he will soon catch up. His teachers are impressed with his learning improvement. His anxiety to attend school has greatly diminish which is beautiful to see.”

“Elyse (Loudenbarger), our tutor is our angel! …She is flexible, kind and provides solutions for any obstacles that might arise. She is also a great support for me, the mom! Raising a child with learning difficulties paired with anxiety and a few other challenges often feels overwhelming and lonely but …with Elyse’s support I feel hopeful and reassured that my son will have a bright future…The program might seem expensive and time consuming, but it is worth every penny and the time. The program itself provides a lot of articles, information, games, and much more. With Lexercise and Elyse I feel calmer, happier, and confident.”

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