Marie D., parent

Student’s age: 7 | Basic Therapy

“After reviewing several programs, it seemed like the best fit. I like that it has direct lessons but then several days of independent practice to review what was taught. My son has trouble focusing for long periods of time. The length of the daily practice works well for him. If the direct lesson is a long one, I can break it into two sessions to make it work for my son. The flexibility in the program is key for us.

“My son was about two school years behind in reading. It also took him a very long time to write even one sentence. Writing frustrated him as much as reading, if not more. We’ve only been doing the program for about three months and I’ve seen such growth in him. He is able to consistently read and spell multi-syllable words and words with consonant blends. The best part is watching him gain confidence in his abilities. He’s actually said multiple times that he finds the program fun.”

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