Lorna, parent (UK-based)

Student’s Age: 10 | Basic Therapy

…[My son] was unable to spell and he became increasingly anxious and under confident. I couldn’t get any support for my son through his school and I was worried that, in time, this would have a detrimental impact on his future studies…. The program has been life changing. [My son] has learnt how to see patterns and use tools to spell words. He went from writing one sentence where he was unable to spell one word correctly to writing several sentences with the odd incorrect word. [He] has grown in confidence and has been able to acknowledge himself the improvement he has made. As a mum, I feel happier that he is better prepared for secondary school and that he is not so anxious to put pen to paper.

The website is user friendly. The resources are fantastic. Although I didn’t feel the need to contact [our therapist], I knew I could contact her if I needed to. She always replied promptly and provided support as and when I needed it. She also emailed me from time to time to see how things were going and to let me know that she was checking in on [my son]’s progress. This program is worth every penny and although it does demand dedication from both the child and parent, it is certainly worth it in the end. 

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