Linda, grandparent

Student’s age: 9 | Basic Therapy

“COVID and her first-grade class failed to give my granddaughter the skills she needed to succeed in reading. Lexercise had the expertise and validated learning she needed.

“When my granddaughter was in second grade, she would avoid reading at all costs and cry if asked to read. She struggled reading any words. Now she wants to read on her own and can decode words like ‘complimentary’ and harder 5-syllable words. She can be an independent learner now and for the rest of her life because she can R-E-A-D!

“Having been a Special Education teacher before homeschooling my granddaughter, I agreed with Lexercise using all the best in educating struggling readers. I joined in her learning, following along with her progress as it is entertaining to her level. I learned a few ‘word mastery’ information I never knew, at least that I remember. My granddaughter needed someone to guide her in the reading rules more than just once in a lesson book. I am thankful for Lexercise as it gave her all the skills she needed to decode words. The level system was motivational for her, but the thing she loved the most was the caterpillar that popped up with correct words occasionally. Lexercise follows the best practices in decoding skills. I highly recommend this program. Yes, it costs money but the rewards are beyond monetary value. I can’t imagine getting this level of one-on-one care within a public school.”

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