Kelley Bouchard, parent

Student’s age:  8 | Professional Therapy

“My son has dyslexia and was still not reading or even able to identify letters. (I thought he just wasn’t interested in words or letters and that’s why he wasn’t ‘getting it’.) When he was about 7 1/2 he said, ‘Mom, I can’t read, and I want to learn.’ I knew he had an issue then. It was the first time he’d opened up about it. When I would ask before he would just shut down…. Uriah has gone from unable to read or identify letters to an emerging reader. I’ve been so impressed with his building confidence and how the program works. It’s been incredible watching him grow and realize he can do something he didn’t think he could. We love Lauren (Belline). She is Uriah’s therapist. She’s always asking him questions to get to know him and connect with him. She always encourages him and works with him even when he’s not cooperating. It’s hard work, and she recognizes that. I really appreciate that about her.”

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