Justine D., parent

Student’s age:  7 | Professional Therapy

“Lexercise has been nothing short of a miracle for my 7yr old son. I have been homeschooling for 2 years and I started to notice he was really having difficulties in first grade and not grasping the Language Arts program of his curriculum. When we started therapy, he was reading at a preschool level and with much frustration and tears! Only three months later, he has gone up 2 grade levels! He loves playing the games every day and looks forward to his weekly sessions with Terra, his therapist. She has been so kind and patient, always keeping him engaged during his sessions. I learned so much myself during this time and she helped me become a better teacher for him. He is much more confident in his reading and writing now and looks forward to his next challenge!”

*Access to Lexercise services was provided through the Natalie Wexler Dyslexia Scholarship, offered in conjunction with the Lexercise professional development course sequence.

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