Dawson, student

Student’s age: 9 | Professional Therapy

“I was struggling at school and I wasn’t happy. I hated school and used to take lots of water breaks. I used to hide in the restroom and [would’ve] done anything to avoid schoolwork. I was so unhappy in school that I used to cry myself to sleep at night…

…When I started Lexercise, I was at a Pre-K reading level, and now I have completed the course. Now I can read at any level but tested at a 95% at a 9th grade reading level. I am very happy that I have completed the Lexercise course, and I’m not struggling anymore. In fact, I’m the top reader in my grade.

I would highly recommend Lexercise to anyone who is struggling at school. Never let dyslexia hold you back!”

Note: Dawson insisted on doing his own testimonial, so he wrote his own script and recited it for his mother who recorded it.

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