Christina G., parent

Student’s age: 12 | Basic Therapy

“My son Roman has received services since he was in preschool, but he did not start Lexercise until the end of 6th grade and I really wish I had found this program sooner! If I can only emphasize one thing about the program is, it works. We needed it years ago for our son but I am so grateful we are doing it now. I was concerned with his reading, spelling and writing being below grade level and going into middle school, even after the help the school was providing him. That’s when I started to look for outside help and found Lexercise. I chose basic therapy since I’ve spent years of being his support and tutor at home that I felt I could do it and that the knowledge I learn could only help me further continue that role for him. His therapist is Camille Allred and she is an amazing teacher and support to us. She answers every question we have and gladly checks in with us to make sure we are doing well in the program. It is great to have Camille as a resource.

“We are only halfway through and I just love the structure of the program. Not only does the repetition built into the program help, but it also builds their confidence. The program has now helped him in multiple areas of struggle. He no longer often asks how to spell a word; his writing speed and fluency have improved and he has become a more confident reader.

I asked my son Roman to write a testimonial and this is what he had to say, ‘Lexercise is a really good learning system by helping kids any age get over their struggles in school or other. This really helped me get over reading and writing struggles and I’m only half way done.’

“If you’re on the fence, you will not be disappointed. And if you’re able to begin the program at an earlier age than my son, I would recommend that. We make the time for it but middle school is faster pace and there was much more flexibility during those elementary school years. I really do love the program and it didn’t take me very long to come to that conclusion. Thank you, Camille, and thank you Lexercise.”

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