Christina Burger, parent

Student’s age: 9 | Professional Therapy

“We had hit a point in our reading instruction that we just were not progressing, our son was beginning to dread reading and getting very frustrated[…]. I researched different options and heard from many parents about the success they found with Lexercise. […]

“Nicole has been such a HUGE part of our journey! As a parent who was just beginning to learn about dyslexia, I was very overwhelmed, unconfident, and worried that I was failing my son or unable to provide him with what he needed. From our first conversation, Nicole was extremely positive, educated, and informed on dyslexia and how she could help. […] Our son responded to her genuine encouragement and enthusiasm, and she was able to really hone in on the areas that he needed extra help, meet him where he’s at and challenge him without overwhelming him. As a parent, she was SO responsive to my messages and questions. She was very encouraging to me, helping me with the parent resource side of things, as well as providing me thoughtful feedback and encouragement that really helped me grow in my own understanding of dyslexia and capabilities in how I can help my son. […]

“Our son[‘s] confidence has continued to build. He also really enjoys the computer instruction throughout the week. He does his practice every day without complaint, and he loves unlocking new levels and seeing his points increase, and meeting his goals. I also really like how Lexercise lays out the parent portion – I always know exactly what he and I need to do together to strengthen his skills and the activities are often enjoyable and varied. I feel like we have a solid partner in his reading journey!

“The combination of the Lexercise program with Nicole’s guidance, encouragement, and expertise has been a game-changer for our son. He’s now reading for fun on his own!! He has the ability and confidence now to try reading new things without hesitation. It’s been incredible to see his confidence just skyrocket with this program. And his spelling! Wow! That was one surprise I hadn’t anticipated. I really thought we’d have to work on reading first, and spelling would come much later down the road. His spelling actually improved after just the first lesson, and he continues to use his skills in all he writes. We are very happy with the continued results.”

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