Ashley C., parent

Student’s age: 14 | Professional Therapy

“My son is Dyslexic, has Dysgraphia and ADHD, and year over year the interventions he was receiving at school weren’t helping him. The academic gap kept getting bigger and bigger. I worked in the education system he was in and had faith that we would get him caught up, but finally, when he was going into 8th grade many grade levels behind, I knew I had to do something outside of school. One of the best reading teachers I’ve ever known of had gone to work for Lexercise. I knew she would only have chosen the best reading program to use daily with struggling readers. I called her and signed up my son.

“I was devastated when our personal tutor assessed my son and I found out he was functioning on a 1st grade reading level. I felt like a failure as both a parent and an educator. I read to him as a child. There are books in our home. How did I not know the gap was so BIG? I knew then we had to commit ourselves to him practicing 4 days a week and meeting with his [therapist] weekly. We had a year before high school and he could not go into 9th grade behind. He’s an athlete and the amount of work involving reading would bury him if he wasn’t on grade level. It was a daunting task, 8 grade levels of reading in a year, but he’s smart and had learned to cope by mostly memorizing what he was hearing in class, so I had faith. I can’t tell you we were perfect, but 90% of the time we were on track with games 4x a week and weekly tutoring for his 8th grade year and the summer before he started 9th grade. He got through level 13 in that time and I’m super proud to report that he started high school at a 9.5 reading level! He also passed his end of course Algebra I exam over the summer getting him one credit ahead starting high school. Something he couldn’t have done without his much improved reading ability thanks to his awesome personal [therapist] Ms. Shelley (Yeater) and Lexercise! We’ve been so impressed with his progress that we’re not stopping now that he’s on grade level. We’re committed to completing the program to make sure he has all the tools he needs to be successful in the future. I’m so grateful for the program and our [therapist] Ms. Shelley for encouraging our son to stick with it all along the way.

“I highly recommend Lexercise and Ms. Shelley to any family who is looking for a reading program that works and a [therapist] who cares. It is well worth the investment in your child’s future. I highly recommend jumping in early when you first realize your child is struggling; I wish I could go back and do it over. However, I’m also an example of the fact that it’s never too late to get your child the help they need to be successful academically.”

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