Live Broadcast 39: In Appreciation of Handwriting

The Real Spelling team presented a film that it prepared especially for Lexercise. This film, like all of the Real Spelling Tool Box 2 resources, offers a deep understanding, not a methodology. Educators will be interested in script’s crucial relationship with meaning and how this understanding can inform the teaching and learning of handwriting.

After this, Dan Allen of Zurich International School and his 5th grade students joined us from Switzerland to describe and demonstrate their study of English script and how it has changed the way they look at words.

Dan’s 18-year teaching career has spanned the globe, from inner city Houston to Norway, and from Singapore to Switzerland. For much of that time he could be heard saying things like, “Sound it out,” or “i before e except after c,” or “It’s irregular, so you just have to memorize it.” Real Spelling and Real Script changed all that. Dan now incorporates genuine word inquiry into his classroom/language lab. He and his students love nothing more than discovering the story they know every word has to tell, and then sharing that story with the world. (The global audience can find their discoveries at







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