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kris bales homeschooler educator
Kris Bales – Homeschooler and Mom of a Child with Dyslexia

Are you a homeschool parent who has considered Lexercise?

Here’s a testimonial from Kris Bales about how Lexercise is a perfect fit for homeschool families:

I’ve been a homeschooling mom for the last 11 years. I suspected that my son had dyslexia for at least five of those years, but I wasn’t quite sure where to turn for help with his reading struggles.

It was my daughter’s struggle learning to read that led us to try homeschooling in the first place at the end of her first-grade year. The things that had worked for her, though, hadn’t worked for my son, Josh.

I was excited to find out about Lexercise. I was very hopeful about getting a diagnosis and possibly beginning treatment…but I was also worried about how I would be treated by professionals who were probably not used to working with homeschoolers.

I was worried that they might be condescending or that Josh’s education would be judged and found lacking. I was worried that there would be an underlining attitude that I was doing my son a disservice and that he would be better off in the hands of professionals full-time.

Each of those fears were completely unfounded.

Josh’s full evaluation was done by Scott Tiernan. Scott was helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable, but never condescending. I knew that he got Josh when Scott saw through the poor spelling and grammatical errors in Josh’s writing sample and recognized his creativity and sense of humor.

Scott may never know how much he eased my mind and gave hope with a simple observation about the humor in that little paragraph Josh wrote.

Josh wound up doing his actual online dyslexia treatment with Tori Whaley. I’ll never forget my first conversation with Tori. She told me that she was used to working very closely with her students’ classroom teachers.

She assured me that she considered me Josh’s classroom teacher – that I was the one who knew him best, including his strengths and weaknesses and how he learns. She told me that she would always work with me to make what she was doing with Josh in their weekly sessions mesh well with what I was doing with him at home. Tori kept that promise and always treated me like a colleague.

By the end of Josh’s treatments with Lexercise, I considered Tori a friend. We agreed that the experience had been beneficial for both of us – she’d not worked with many homeschooling families before us or with a child as old as Josh, but it was a gratifying, positive experience all the way around.

I know for many homeschooling families there can be hesitancy about working with professionals outside the homeschooling community. I think that hesitancy is based on the same fear that I had – the fear of being belittled or judged. I have never, ever felt that way with anyone I’ve worked with at Lexercise.

It turns out that the folks at Lexercise aren’t unused to working with homeschooling families. They recognize that homeschooling parents are in the unique position to give their struggling readers the one thing they need most: one-on-one instruction.

And,  they want the same thing that homeschooling parents – or any parents – want…to help kids overcome their areas of struggle and reach their full potential.

If your child struggles with reading, writing, or spelling, the most important first step is a professional evaluation. No matter where you live, your child can be tested and treated individually, face-to-face, online, by the clinical educators at Lexercise. Learn more here, or contact Lexercise directly at Info@Lexercise.com or 1-919-747-4557.

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