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Dyslexiaville’s first web series, The Super d! Show, created for and by kids with dyslexia and other learning differences is now available on YouTube. The Super d! Show is about the everyday lives of kids with learning and attention issues. The episodes are funny, designed to instill confidence, and reinforce that shame is lame. 

Peggy Stern, founder, and CEO of Dyslexiaville, an Academy Award-winning filmmaker and dyslexic herself, states, “I encourage parents and educators to sit down with the LD kids in their lives and watch the Super d! Show episodes on the Dyslexiaville YouTube channel. They’re funny, upbeat, and fantastic discussion starters. When have LD kids seen other LD kids acting in a video which relates to things that they feel or face every day? Frankly, never before as there is no other programming like the Super d! Show.”

super-d-show-behind-the-scenes-ariLow self-esteem and dyslexia often go hand in hand. Dyslexic children become frustrated and discouraged and are hyper-aware that they are different than their peers. Sometimes their peers notice these differences as well which can lead to bullying. It is vitally important to address self-doubt early on and teach your child that dyslexia is just as “normal” as can even an advantage. Exposing your child to positive media like the “Super d! Show” and introducing them to famous dyslexic idols like Albert Einstein can break down the stigma against dyslexia and boost your child’s confidence!

Lexercise believes in building the growth mindset to instill a “can-do” attitude when it comes to reading, writing, and spelling. Nothing will boost your child’s confidence like teaching them how to read, write and spell independently and confidently. We even guarantee to increase your child’s reading by one grade level after 2 months of therapy or your third month is free.

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Marie Lunney

Marie struggled with reading, writing and spelling as a child and knows the frustrations of finding and receiving language therapy. She has since overcome her childhood struggles and recently graduated Cum Laude from Elon University with a BS/BA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Marie is enthusiastic about helping families find convenient, personalized and effective language therapy.