Is there 3rd party coverage for Lexercise’s dyslexia services?

You won’t be surprised to hear that one of our most-frequently-asked questions is, “Will insurance pay for Lexercise dyslexia evaluation or treatment?”

Although we know from scientific evidence that dyslexia is a life-long condition caused by a language-processing irregularity in the brain’s “wiring,” for insurance purposes, it is often considered a learning disability with no medical basis. While ADD, ADHD, and autism are considered medical diagnoses and may be covered by insurance, dyslexia is still seen by many insurers as a “developmental” or “academic” issue that should be handled by schools.

Unfortunately, many parents spend frustrating months and even years pursuing insurance coverage for their child’s evaluation and treatment, only to learn that it’s nonexistent. Meanwhile, their child continues to fall behind his or her peers.

Public schools begin routine academic testing of children at about age 6 or 7, but many parents see their child struggling to read, write or spell long before that. School testing is not the same as comprehensive dyslexia evaluation and is typically not designed to diagnose the specific and individual learning challenges of dyslexia.


The earlier parents seek professional evaluation for their child, the better the child’s chance of getting effective treatment and keeping up with grade-level schoolwork.


We strongly encourage parents to seek professional evaluation for their child as soon as possible if the child is struggling to read, write or spell. Professionals who are qualified to test for and diagnose dyslexia include some specifically trained psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and clinical educators. The resulting written report includes comprehensive test data, an initial diagnosis and a plan for intervention outlining recommended steps for treatment. You can learn more about Lexercise online evaluation and treatment programs here.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) often have more informed policies concerning dyslexia. You may be able to pay for evaluation and treatment from your account.

If your child was adopted, you may have access to Adoption Assistance for dyslexia services through the Department of Social Services. (Eligibility requirements are defined by each state, so check your local coverage.) Medicaid does not cover dyslexia.

In any case, the online evaluation and treatment offered by Lexercise significantly reduce out-of-pocket costs.

As public understanding of dyslexia catches up with medical science, we are hopeful that insurance procedures will be updated to recognize the biological basis of dyslexia and the very real needs of individuals and families dealing with this challenge.


We also offer scholarship opportunities via our Dyslexia Service Foundation and the Natalie Wexler Scholarship.

Please contact us for more information at or 1-919-747-4557.

5 Responses to Is there 3rd party coverage for Lexercise’s dyslexia services?

  • Claude Taylor commented

    Thank you great information. I wish I lived there. I’m in Houston, TX
    I need help put cant afford it right now.

    • Claude,
      With teletherapy it doesn’t matter where you live! Plus, you don’t have to take time off work. The therapy comes to you. Teletherapy is also much more affordable than any other intensive intervention. For example, a Lexercise evaluation can cost as little as $49 a month for 6 months, with an interest-free loan.

      While $49 a month is not insignificant, many families tell us they have found that amount by cutting back on dining out or by holding off on other discretionary spending. “Where there is a will there is a way”…. and the good news is that there is help available!

  • Brady Alder commented

    If they’re deeming this an “education” issue, shouldn’t college students be able to get financial aid to cover treatment?

  • Monica commented

    Are they having to have a 6 month evaluation before starting treatment?

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