From all of us at Lexercise: a very happy holiday season!

Over the holidays families often have a little more time together at home, and we hope if you have a young reader in your home you will spend some of that time reading and talking together. 

Here’s a little fill-in-the-blanks poem that we hope you and your young reader will enjoy together.  Read the poem aloud to your student and when you come to a blank – stop and ask your student to fill it in.  Poems don’t have to rhyme, but rhyming can be fun. 

After each blank we have suggested a rhyming word. Maybe your student will come up with a different one. The sillier the better! 

Happy Holidays!


The Neighbors’ Dog

Just as night was growing dark

I heard the neighbors’ poodle _______ [bark].

Like every night, he’s standing guard

outside the door in their back_____ [yard].

He doesn’t wander, doesn’t roam,

just waits and waits ‘til they come ________ [home].

And then they take him for a stroll.

He likes to run. He likes to ________ [roll].

His tail is up, his neck is bent,

his nose attends to every _______ [scent],

and when he’s had a good long roam,

he pulls his leash to hurry _______ [home].

I like that dog, his bark, his whine.

Sometimes I wish that he was _______ [mine].



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