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In under 5 minutes, this free dysgraphia test allows you to determine whether your child has a risk for dysgraphia. Using a series of questions, you will be asked to rate various aspects of your child’s handwriting.

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Dysgraphia is a condition rooted in the brain that leads to difficulties in writing and spelling. Dysgraphia is often overlooked or attributed to laziness, lack of motivation, carelessness, or delayed visual and motor processing (Berninger and Wolf, 2009).

You are taking the first step by identifying your child’s dysgraphia symptoms. Dysgraphia treatment can be tailored to each child’s age, symptoms, and unique factors. A skilled structured literacy therapist will break down the various writing skills into manageable components, teaching them one at a time. This approach aims to prevent overwhelm and frustration, offering a path towards effective writing.

Finding Help for Dysgraphia in Children

If this dysgraphia test shows a risk for dysgraphia, you will get access to a free 15-minute consultation with one of our dysgraphia therapists who can offer you a more thorough analysis of your child’s writing.

Dysgraphia Test: Letter & Number Writing

Dysgraphia Test: Writing Conventions

Dysgraphia Test: Writing Proficiency

How often does your child:

Have messy handwriting?

Reverse numbers? (e.g., 81 for 18)

Write letters backwards?

Have difficulty writing numbers legibly and distinctively from letters?

Mix up lowercase and uppercase letters?

How often does your child:

Have trouble correctly spacing letters in words and/or between words?

Have difficulty writing on a line and within margins?

Have trouble ending sentences with punctuation?

Have difficulty keeping columns straight when setting up a math problem?

Have difficulty writing text from left to right?

How often does your child:

Resist writing tasks?

Have difficulty getting thoughts down on paper?

Have difficulty copying text?

Have trouble completing writing tasks independently?

Make spelling errors in homework assignments?

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Let Us Help!

Concerned about your dysgraphia test results or other potential learning disabilities? Our highly-trained literacy experts are ready to help you via our Reading and Spelling Assessment. When you sign up for this service you will be able to:


    Submit a writing sample to further discuss your concerns for dysgraphia.


    Meet with an expert therapist from the comfort of your own home in a 45-minute consultation that includes additional testing.


    Receive a detailed 8-10 page report for your records, along with a guide on next steps and resources that can benefit your struggling reader, writer, or speller.

All of this and more for a flat fee of $195

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