Got a Child Who’s a Slow Reader?

Talk To a Dyslexia Expert, at No Cost!


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Learn how you can help your child
become a happy and self-directed reader.


Talk to an independent dyslexia expert and:

  • Uncover your child’s unique profile and discuss the root issues causing their difficulty.

  • Learn about dyslexia scholarships that cover the costs for qualified students.

  • Explore possible next steps: getting a professional evaluation, working with schools, home schooling, and more.


Yes, Let’s Talk

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What you’ll get during your no-cost consultation:

  • You’ll talk to a dyslexia expert who will listen to, and understand, your concerns and objectives.

  • You’ll get access to free reading and writing tests.

  • You’ll get suggestions on how to talk to your child, family, and friends about dyslexia.

  • You’ll get talking points and templates for communicating your child’s educational needs with teachers and school administrators.

  • You’ll get exercises that you can do at home that empower your child to understand words and sentences better.


Yes, Let’s Talk