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Discover our online reading program and advance your child’s reading abilities by 1 full grade level, in only 8 weeks. Lexercise’s structured literacy curriculum (Orton-Gillingham) is the gold standard for treating dyslexia and other literacy challenges. Our online platform will help your family get this critical help from your home and on your schedule. Let’s Talk!
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New School Year, New Beginnings!

If your child is 6 years of age or older and struggles with reading, a summer break from schooling can result in learning loss and seemingly reverse much of the progress they’ve made so far. Do not delay any longer! Get a head start this school year by giving your child the tools they need to become a confident reader, speller, and writer.

What to Expect From Our Dyslexia Program:

  • Gain both an advanced understanding of and practical application of phonemes—the distinct units of sound that make up syllables and words.
  • Be able to break down new words into parts, recombine them, and then easily read and understand the words.
  • Read at a newfound accelerated rate with greater ease and with improved comprehension.
  • Achieve a reading proficiency that is one grade higher than where they are today.

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This is What You and Your Child Will Get From This Online Program:

  • A weekly, one-on-one online lesson from a certified reading & literacy expert.
  • Literacy training that is tailored to your child’s unique needs and requirements.
  • Daily access to 15-minute online word games that are both fun and proven to advance reading skills.
  • Continual notifications of your child’s progress.
  • One grade-level advancement backed by Lexercise’s Guarantee.

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